Girl’s night

Well, my sister and I had some time to ourselves yesterday. It was fun. We discussed games and movie. The usual stuff for us. Movies especially for me. I mean, you have your car fanatics and the sports fanatics and your video game geeks, and then there’s me. I am, shall I say, a major disney fan. As such there are certian movies that I look forward to even while they are in developement. Consider Brave for an example. Ever since this same sister told me that Pixar was going to do a Princess movie, I’ve been keeping my eye on it. I could look at the concept art, but I had to wait before I could see a trialer. Then I saw the trailer, and had to wait for a trailer that wasn’t just a teaser. Then I had to wait for the movie to actually be out in theatres. Then I had to wait until it was in the cheep theatres. Then finally, I was able to see it. Now I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. Then I would have to wait until Dad buys it. So it’s always a long, looking ahead process for me and movies.

But it’s all worth it. Because it’s not just a matter of the movie being great, but then there is the special features and the commentaries and the like, and I love that sort of thing. Currently on our list of ‘to see’ movies, there is The Hobbit (obviously), and then next year Disney is doing an animated movie that I’m looking forward to called Frozen. Based off of the Snow Queen fairy tale. And you know I’m such a sucker for fairy tales. So I’m looking forward to this one. There’s also National Treasure 3, which we are all hoping is better than National Treasure 2.

And we had a good dinner and watched a comedy show together. So all around, it was fun. So we didn’t waste the day while our family was out having fun at a Filk Convention.

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