Artwork update

Before talking about my art, let’s hope we’ll be alright from the effects of the hurricane. Last time the aftermath of a hurricane took out the power… well, many of us rely on electricity to keep us entertained and peaceable. Besides that, I’m rather fond of having a working stove, mirocwave, and refrigerator.

Now, about my art. I got past one of the parts I was concerned with, not it’s just a matter of sticking it out to the end. Which isn’t as fun as it sounds. I’ve been taking short breaks to doodle, hoping that I come up with an idea. I’m actually kind of wondering how well I could manage doing two images at once, then when one starts to get tedius I can work on the other. I’m still having a hard time actually committing myself to trying it out. But I do… sort of have an idea of another image. It’s actually a lot like one I’ve already done, Bree’s Starlit Hour. Except that it’s Repunzel instead of Bree. So there’s going to be a lot more of her hair showing. And a tower.

Bree's Starlit Hour

Who knows? It might be a decent image. At the very least, it will give me somethign to work on that doesn’t involve so much background. Because the backgrounds, of course, take up the most ime. That’s the thing about working with horizontal demensions rather than vertical.

But the thing is, I’ve got to pick up the pace. This is supposed to be able to get to my grandparents in time for Christmas, even though they are in another country completely (Africa, doing missionarly work). There are a lot of images I want to replace, and it’s almost November. Ah well, we’ll see how much I can accomplish.

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