You know I must have stuff on my mind, because this is my second post today.

Well, I realized something that is frustrating me about my art this year. Most of the focus has always been on the backgrounds. I mean, look at my last few images. In almost all that I have done this year, the featured female (or male, in one case) was such a small part of the image. But the poeple are my favorite part to do. The backgrounds can get tedius. They also take longer, This may explain why I’m getting fewer images done this year.

The hard part about the people, however, has always been the fact that I’m working on landscape demensions, horizontal, when people are vertical.

I’ve also come to the realization that one of the reasons doodles are easier than the actual image is the fact that doodles are much smaller, so their energy is nice and compact. But for a full-sized image, you have to fill a page with that energy, and sometimes it stretches thin.

I’ve been doodling all day today, trying to get the look I want. I’ve tried a few ideas, and given up on quite a few. At last now I am looking at one image that might work. And I have no idea what kind of background is appropriate.

I feel like I’ve been going nowhere these past few hours. I thought, maybe taking a nap would be a good idea. Since, quite frankly, I don’t have anything else I want to do besides art, and art isn’t working for me. But with a little sleep- I could wake up ready to tackle it again, look at it with fresh eyes. Besides, the kids don’t  have mutual tonight, so it’s like I have a few hours of break time anyway.

Problem: Sister practicing saxaphone, Sister then borrowing my laptop (I gave her permission, so that’s okay) and watching a TV show on Hulu without headphones, and then Brother practicing guitar. So I gave up on the whole idea. I mean, I guess I had a little control over my laptop- it wouldn’t be any trouble to ask her to use headphones. But I am, in general, a passive person (the good kind of passive), and I think by that point I relized that I wasn’t going to be able to get to sleep, and maybe it was better if I didn’t so I can sleep better tonight.

I am instead venting out all my frustrations here. Journalling has always been very therapeutic for me. Blogs would have the advantage of reader response- if, of course, I had any readers.

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