So…. I started by thinking I’ll do a little doodling to brainstorm for an image. Then I thought I might be in the mood for doing some more silhouette pictures, and maybe my doodles could help me brainstorm for that. But the page of ‘big paper’ that I had been using for my doodles for the past few days has been filled. So what I ended up doing for the longest time was just looking at some of those doodles, because I think some of them are really beautiful. Hey, it’s healthy for an artist to admire her work sometimes. And I love these doodles, but for some of them I just can’t figure out how to translate them to a larger, colored image. That’s… something you’d think would be easier, but it isn’t as simple as it seems at times. For a few, they work in odd dementions, for other’s it’s a matter of filling space, needing to add things, or arrange them in a way that creates the most visual impact… and of course there’s the color pallette to be worked out, which is getting harder since I need to restock on quite a few colored pencils.

But these doodles are lovely. They’re like little seeds, full of potential- I just need to crack the shell so that they can grow and flourish. It would be sad to leave them by the wayside.

Look at me, waxing sentimental about these silly little doodles. Sometimes I wonder at myself. But if that’s something unique about me, why can’t I explore that for possibilities. I mean, if I don’t who will right?

I’m going to try to work with these doodles to see if I can come up with something. That will be my assignment for the day. Not neccisarily something big, but something. Preferably colored.

And for the sake of color, here’s another photo from our Thanksgiving Hike.


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