Progress report

Well, I figured out something to do with one of my doodles yesterday. I drew on the back of one of my index cards left over from school this past year, one of those big indext cards. Like… 5×8 or something. Anyway, I did it for two reasons. 1) I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was doing, so I figured if I worked on a smaller scale than I usually do, it would take less time and therefore not be as big a loss if I don’t get it right. 2) The dementions were better for what I had in mind than an average computer paper. I needed something more… horizontal.

So I started that and…. I didn’t finish. It took me that long to come up with what I was doing. And then there was the fact that I lent my laptop and my workspace to my younger sister so she could write in her story. One of our computers died, so there’s sort of a waiting line for all the other computers. Still, I didn’t finish coloring an index card.

I’m not sure I like what I have. Though there must be some aspects of it I like, because… I keep thinking it’s going to turn out fairly decently. We’ll see.

And… another Thanksgiving day hike picture. Don’t worry, I don’t have too many more of these.


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