New Image: The Quiet Hour

This is the image I drew/colored onto the back of an index card. I finished it yesterday and really liked it!



This is what I said about it when I posted it on Facebook: “I did this on the back of an index card. Whenever I post some of my… wierd artwork, I always wonder what the reaction is. Because if I was the outsider, I’d probably be saying something like, “Oh, she’s going for the ‘misunderstood artist’ kind of deal, creating weird artwork that nobody understands.” Well I’m not doing it on purpose. I just… start an image and sometimes it goes places I don’t anticipate.”

One of my friends, someone who has often commented on my posts, said this: “I think your art catches some piece of the inner being. Sometimes they are calm & thoughtful. At other times, there is an excitment to them. They always make me stop & reflect.” Later, she added: I enjoy your art work. I can see stories in them. I just wish you would write the stories too. Can’t wait for the next one to show up. I think you should take a stab at childrens books. I’m sure you would be a hit.”

Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I say that people have this idea that I should be a children’s book writer? But I liked hearing what she had to say. I got that encouragement that I had been looking for. And I liked hearing what she had to say about the children’s books as well. I wrote a reply talking about how I have been dabbing into creative writing, and that I would like to one day be good enough at writing and art to create something like a children’s book.

And maybe I will. Who knows? It certainly doesn’t hurt to take a stab at it. I’m just not expecting anything any time soon. I mean, art has been a hobby for me since I was a kid. It took me all my life to get as good at it as I am right now, and there is still so much room for improvement. I’ve been dabbing into creative writing for… what, four years? And in that time, I haven’t ever really come up with more than a lot of bits and snatches. Fragments. I believe that, given time, maybe I could write something. Why not? I got this far in art, didn’t I? But the point is that it’s too soon to see where this will go.

So do you think I really can make use out of my talents? Really be able to create something wonderful? Every once in a while, it seems possible. But I guess only time will tell.

I think I’m going to do more salt glazing today with my watercolors. I have an idea of something really simple that I can do with that until I come up with another project.

Oh my goodness, I’m right now watching an amazing video, a watercolor tutorial on negative painting. Wow. Now I really wish I was a better watercolorist. I’ve got so much work ahead of me.

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