Yesterday off

Well, after dinner yesterday I went up to see my old roommates. I am so glad I did so. It was nice to see them again and to watch Merlin episodes and a movie with my wonderful Health Science major former roommate. Ah, it is so wonderful to visit sometimes. I don’t typically visit people back home. In fact I do very little of going out to socialize back home. Among other reasons, I’ve got a whole family to entertain me (and a lot of other things that would also entertain me). But to see people is good, and I had told myself at the beginning of the semester that I should visit people more. This came mostly from all the positive experiences I’ve had with people visiting me.

You just get to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could do that for other people too?”

Best thing to do when you don’t have your laptop available to do homework with. Although hopefully that situation won’t have to come up very often once my sister gets a new laptop. Still, I hope I can keep visiting people and that it will make them happy.

I want to make people happy, you know? The trick is knowing how. And doing it.

But school started up again today. I haven’t gone to the interview yet, but that’ll come later today. And then I have to do tomorrow’s homework. I don’t want to be behind. I want to do well, you know? Do well and make people happy. Good stuff.

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