Oh the Humanities!

I think I have my resume ready for my Humanities class. I surprised myself with how much I was able to put on. Mostly because of the community work I’ve done thanks to Mom. Particularly as a Kidspace Assistant Director. It even sounds fancy, and it’s great experience for the career I was aiming for, Recreation Worker. Not that that’s what I’m planning on getting into when I grow up, but it did sound the most interesting of the results I got from the assessments

Humanities class should be interesting today, because we’ll be in the Spori Art Gallery- looking at portraits. I don’t consider portraits among my favorite types of paintings, but they might be cool. After all, sill-life paintings aren’t my favorite either, but I went to a Russian Impressionism exhibit once, and those had beautiful still-life paintings. Who knew fruit could look so beautiful, right?

And next week I have to do a group presentation on Supernatural and Horror young adult literature. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I’m just hoping we do well.

In the meantime I’ve determined that Huck Finn is really more of a boy’s book. I mean, that should have been obvious, but it’s so long that it becomes all the more obvious. Not that it’s a bad book, mind. But I think that after this I’m going to want to read a book with some romance in it.

Except of course there’s that whole thing where I need to find a Supernatural or Horror book so that I can do a book talk for that group presentation. Oh boy, won’t that be fun!



I’ve been thinking lately about some of my recent creative accomplishments. I like to think that I’m creative. Not to say I’ve had many big creative accomplishments, like writing a book or doing prize-winning paintings or anything, but little creative things.

For instance, I’ve described my Fates to you. One of them is in charge of wind. Now, you may not think of wind having a big role in the destinies of men, but there are some ways she has her effect. Largely her effect is on seafarers (in a world where ships sail by the wind). She also has a fair bit of sway when it comes to the weather. One’s fate may certainly be changed by a tornado or hurricane. Anyway, back to the winds of Fate (her name is Wisp). There exists in this world wind-children. Wisp’s mortal descendants. One day when I was thinking of them, I imagined a change in an old nursery rhyme. “Rock-a-bye baby in the treetops, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. Mother will catch you, whenever you fall. I embrace the world but you are my all.” So it becomes a lullaby Wisp sings to her children.

And then another of my creative accomplishments was creating a little tune to go with Robert Frost’s poem “Nature’s First Green is Gold.” This I consider to be a fairly good accomplishment, because I have few accomplishments in the realm of music. I’m not the sort of person who generally comes up with tunes. But I did. HAHAH!

It’s fun to think of these things. There may be hope of me doing many creative things yet.


I wish I felt like doing homework.

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