Library! Books! Time?

So I went to the library today! It’s been wonderful having a Young Adult Literature class. Not just to introduce me to new material, but to remind me of the old material that I like. For instance, Luis Sachar- whom I have mentioned before. He wrote the Wayside School stories. I can never quite pinpoint what the charm of those books is. It’s like that with fairy tale retellings as well. So I got out one of his books which I have not read, I got out The Westing Game for my mystery genre, I got out some Night World books because those were the only supernatural books Lori thought I might like, and another book by Gary D. Shmidt. I liked Wednesday Wars, which I read for school, and it’s sequel. But this one that I got out of the library looked like a fairy tale retelling. I’m a sucker from those. And since I liked books by this author…. I thought I’d give it a try.

So I have books! But do I have time? Perhaps tomorrow. But before I read the books I want to read I have to try out a supernatural book for my presentation on Thursday. I don’t know if I’ll actually like these Night World books. Truth be told, I probably won’t mind them. Lori seemed to like them- which isn’t to say I will like them, only that it is more likely.

But for the rest of the time, I have some sociology and humanities writing assignments. My Humanities one is supposed to be a four page analysis. Those are not easy. It takes careful wording, particularly with the thesis. I wouldn’t be nearly so intimidated by the project if it weren’t for the thesis- one of the hardest parts of all writing assignments.

And then there’s that group project I was talking about earlier. As a fun thing I’m going to be watching a spoof of Clue tonight. So that’s fun. I think I’m probably going to end up using that for my sociology write up. How would it be if I just took notes during the whole proceeding?

Tomorrow I hope to visit people though. No homework, just an opportunity to be with friends. Life is going to be wonderful.

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