The first step

What I should actually be doing right now instead of blogging is getting started on my Art Analysis for my Humanities class. I’ve got some ideas of what I’ll talk about going around in my head, but sometimes it is so hard to take the first step and actually start writing the thing. I kinda wish I had it better formulated in my mind before I start putting stuff down, but it doesn’t usually work that way. It’s like art, you’ve got to put some stuff down before it all starts coming together, and sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to get something down.

Ah words. I am really good at free-writing, just coming up with words spontaneously. Some people have a hard time doing it, so I guess it’s a talent? But I have a much harder time writing formally. I mean, I think what I write is okay, but it usually takes a lot of time and painstaking consideration. Words can be so powerful (think of Shakespeare), but they must be chosen carefully to be effective.

Words amaze me. I can get kinda nerdy about them.



Kinda concerned about this writing assignment. I want to do well. But analyzing artwork isn’t easy. How do you explain why a still portrait is significant? I think part of the anxiety comes with the fact that this is a fairly substantial writing assignment, and it’s fairly early in the year. I just don’t feel ready. I suppose I should try to find comfort in the fact that a rewrite will be allowed. Still, I’d rather just do brilliantly now.

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