Oh Horror!

I don’t know what happened to me. I got today’s schedule mixed up with yesterdays and thought I didn’t have class until 2:00. So I get a text at 11:40 wondering where I was. ‘Where should I be?’  was the question. It was from the guy who I was working on the group project with, and today was our presentation (he and I were going to open the presentation with a little skit). We hadn’t scheduled an extra practice before class had we? After two minutes of confusion I discovered it wasn’t before class, class was happening right now, and I was home in my apartment reading!

I felt terrible. I hate being late. I hate it so much. I couldn’t believe I had done something like that. And on the day we were giving the presentation! Oh the horror.

So I ran out of my apartment without grabbing my book for the book talk. Or grabbing a coat. That’s okay because I was running anyway. Which, by the way, only got me so far. I’ve never been specifically diagnosed as having asthma, but I’ve always suspected it. Even after I was in class, I was still breathing hard and my chest hurt. And I didn’t even run that long.

But all’s well that ends while. Our group was performing second, so it’s not like we were late presenting. I still felt awful. But on the plus side, our performance of the skit went very well. At least I think it did. I heard laughter, and our group showered praises. It felt good that that went well.

Also I have a date for tomorrow.

So, it was a horrific beginning, but with a happy ending. Yes, even though I had to walk back to my apartment without a coat.

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