Reflections and plans

Tomorrow I leave Rexburg to go back to Ohio.

It has been nice these past two semesters at BYU-I. A couple of the significant things was that I was able to meet some new people and play D&D, I had wonderful roommmates, I oficially declared my major in Humanities and feel really comfortable with that choice of major, I saw some great performances, and I loved my classes.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day for Jasmine and myself- with shuttles and flights and such. But I planned to buy a book for my kindle called Slayers by C J Hill, which is a penname for Janette Rallison. She rights teenage comedy romances. Clean comedy romances. Some of her books I really like, and others- not so much. But Slayers is a fantasy book involving dragons, so I’ve been wanting to see how it turns out. With a new book, I could keep myself occupied- and besides that, my sister Lori wants to read it, so she can read it when I get home. It should work out very nicely.

Speaking of, I finished reading Anne of Green Gables yesterday. I kept going back to it, I didn’t want to clean so long as I hadn’t finished it. And now I have. Gilbert is a darling, of course. It occures to me that I could read the sequals for the shuttle, layovers, and plane ride- but I have been wanting to read this other book for a long time, and I told Lori I’d get it.

As for what I’m going to do when I’ve settled back down in Ohio, I don’t know. I’ll work out the details later. There’ll be things going on with family, I’ll be having my 20th birthday on the 19th of August, I’ll get some artwork done, maybe add some things to my Zazzle store, watch movies with my siblings, and I’ve kinda been wanting to read to someone. Isn’t it funny the strange cravings you get. Throughout the last semester, I’ve been wanting to read aloud to someone. I may find work, but those are details that I’ll work out later. For the moment, I’m contemplating tommorrow, where I say “Farewell Rexburg, until next January.”


This is the path leading into/ out of The Gardens at BYU-I.

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