Just finish and Office hours

I started playing around with a sort of fairy tale multiverse kind of story. Not much of a plot, just little romances. I’ve got 5,000 words on it, which is an accomplishment. But already I have a problem with it- with the story. But I’m afraid that if I stop, even to rewrite, at this point- I’ll never get it done. I’ve never really ever finished a story. I’d like to think that maybe this time I might. At the moment, it seems more important to finish a story than to be 100% satisfied with the logistics of the thing. When it’s done, then I can focus on quality, or doing rewrites.



Do you know, I like getting help from teachers outside of class. But I think teachers like it to. I think they like being directly involved with the students, and I think it feels good when they can see the results of interacting with their students.

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