Slayers by C.J Hill, my thoughts

Well, seeing as I have always had a fondness for dragons and I like some of this particular author’s books (as I’ve said, CJ Hill is a pennname), I decided to give it a try. I don’t typically read fantasy books that take place in a modern setting (I haven’t read Twilight, just so you know), but I trusted this author to create something fun- or at least get a few laughs in. And that would be nice for a day of shuttles and plane rides

All in all, it was an engaging story. Some of the particular aspects of the dragon/ kinghts/ Slayers are a bit farfetched. But if you ignore that fact it becomes a nice frame work for some fun dynamics. Not my favorite romance that this author, but it’s not the worst either. My favorite character is a minor one (named Bess), which is a bit sad- I like it when the romantic interest is my favorite. However, it’s all nicely set up for at least a sequal (it didn’t finish!), so maybe there is time yet for my favorite character to get a love interest and then we’ll have lots of opportunity for witty banter- because I bet Bess would be good at that.

Here’s some of the funner quotes:

“Dr. B trusts her. So does Bane.”

Lilly let out a scoffing grunt. “Dr. B is an optimist, and Bane is a horse.”

“I’m only in high school, and I have a full schedule, and I’m flammable.”

Lilly let out a cought of disbelief. “Yeah, that’s it. One of the dragons will be feeling his way across the streets of D.C. with a cane clutched in its wing, terrorizing anyone who can’t suffle out of the way.”

“We might be caught, arrested, and sent to jail where we’ll spend the remainder of our days reading hate mail from Eragon fans.”

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