The truth about art

The truth is… art is exhaughsting. You don’t quite realize this when you are a little kid scribing in a coloring book, which is how I started. And then when you get better at coloring, it starts becoming more work and even coloring books can take a lot of energy out of you.

I started working on an image yesterday. Actually, I started it about halfway through the school year and then didn’t work on it again until yesterday. I think part of the reason it was so tiring was that a lot of the image was focused on the background, the sky and the landscape. And the sky was supposed to look kind of stormy. Skies are hard for me. I used to think they were really boring, just solid blue with a few puffy clouds. Then I tried to do more complicated things like sunsets and clouds that actually looked somewhat real. Since then, skies have been more difficult and a little more interesting. The thing is, it’s a big space, and you have to get the colores to blend properly all throughout. Moreover, I don’t use quality paper. My art teacher would shudder at the stuff I’m using.

Sometimes I think that colored pencil artists are up against something quite different than painters. I couldn’t be entirely sure, because I’m not a painter. I’ve worked with it a little bit. In my limited experience I would say that colored pencils are easier to control, but perhaps not as easy to ‘fix’ the image if there are any problems. They also require more patience- though they are ‘lower maintanence’ than paints, you don’t have to clean up as much afterwards. Layering and blending colored pencils takes a bit of energy on your part to make the colors do what you want, and yet I find it easier to get the desired results with the colored pencils. Practice makes all the difference.

I’ll probably finish that image up today. I just have one last section. That’s another thing about art- sometimes you look at the image and you reeeeeealy don’t want to go at it. It might be the same reaction a writer has when they know they have to sit down and get some writing done when they’re not entirely sure what’s going to go on the page. It’s like that with me in a lot of my art, I don’t have it entirely visualized and I make it up as I go along. But I’m looking at it and I’m going “… One last section! I’m this close to being done, and I don’t really want to do it but I’ll do it anyway.” Hopefully the final image will be worth it. I’m fairly satisfied with how it’s turning out so far. If all goes as I hope, I will have it scanned in and I’ll post it tomorrow, and give you a bit of background information about how it was inspired and suchlike.

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