About that…

Sometimes I think it’s funny when I give myself pep talks like I did yesterday. Usually it doesn’t take me long before I start thinking that things weren’t so bad after all. It all seems so temporary, you know? I imagine there will be a couple of peaks and valleys going on for the next week or so. And then again to a lesser extent for the rest of the semester. But in all reality, it’s getting close to over. The end of the semester really isn’t that far away. And then I’ll find myself a whole different set of problems to work through.

Nevertheless, I think I can get excited. I can get excited for the future and the things I’m going to do. I expect art will be included in there somehow. You know, although I’ve this nightmarish assignment I have in my Children’s Literature class involving picture books, I have come to some pretty good conclusion. I can’t help but think now that reading, looking through, and studying picture books would be great research for my artwork. I can take it in all sorts of directions, because of course picture book illustrations come in all sorts of varieties. It’s exciting to think about. Yes, there will be art in my future and there will be reading. And then… who knows? Maybe I can go out and conquer the world.

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