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Mostly what will happen is I will start drawing characters- usually girls, because I’ve had the most practice with drawing girls. When I was a little kid and first started drawing, I began with princesses, and then I moved on to fairies and sorceresses (a great deal of my art is fantasy based). So anyway, I’ll fill a page with all these doodles and then… and then… well, some of them will be different. I’ll add in a pair of wings here and there, I’ll do fun stuff with their hair (hair is a fun thing to play around with) I’ll extend the lines, and then that’s how some of my doodles come to look more abstract.

But sometimes I’ll be drawing specific characters, ones that I made up, and that run around in my head. That’s the aggrivating thing, when I have these characters… and I can’t seem to make a story out of them, even though I want to. My life’s tragedy, every single female in my family does writing of some kind. My Mom’s a writer, my sister Jasmine wants to make a career of writing visual novels, my sister Lori writes stories, even my youngest sister Lissa carries around a flashdrive with her story on it. Well… I don’t write. But I create these characters, and then I figure out what’s unique about them, and I make that into an image. The characters themselves are usually inspired by books that I read and movies that I watch.

Now, usually I don’t have the image perfectly formed in my head before I get it down on paper. Sometimes I’ll just have an idea or a concept, something really basic, and then I’ll get that down, and the rest kinda… makes itself up as it goes a long. Sometimes I really don’t know I’m going to go about reaching my final image until I have my colored pencils in hand (my primary medium is colored pencils, though I’ve been experiementing with base layers of watercolor with colored pencil on top). The colored pencils seem to… find their way. It’s so difficult to describe, but it’s more like I feel my way through the image, rather than seeing it.

Most of my images have a sort of meaning or story in or behind them. For example, I have a minor facination with phoenixes, because of their meaning; new life. The idea that you are forged by fire, you seem to die, but then you arise again from the ashes. I think that ‘new life’ is something people can relate to.

Or sometimes, I want to capture a certain emotion or feeling. Mostly positive emotions, there is enough negative out there in the world. So I might think of what brings me peace or joy; beautiful scenery, the thought of family, reaching out in hopes to fulfill all your hopes and dreams (even though I’m not entirely sure what all my ‘hopes and dreams entail). Setting people in different environments is fun.

Sometimes I will go online and look at scenery photos or fantasy desktop wallpaper to see if I find some interesting ideas that I want to incorperate. Fantasy is a pretty big influence.

There have beent times where it’s been a matter of me saying ‘okay, I’m running low on cool colors, so what kind of image can I make with warm colors.

Or again, it may be the result of me being bored in class, so I just did a bunch of doodles, and found one that could make a full sized image. *Shrug* What can I say? I hardly ever take notes in class, I have a hard time learning that way (I’m an audio learner, just let me hear it), but some classes don’t engage enough of my attention, and I get restless (I read that if you fall asleep in class, it doesn’t mean your bored, it means you didn’t get enough sleep. Boredom is more likely to make you restless), so I’ve got to keep my mind- or at least my hands- occupied.


But in the end, let me just say that being a skilled artist is less important to me than having fun doing art, and making it at least somewhat meaningful, using inspiration. I confess I have a hard time with art classes because as soon as I’m part of the class, then I feel like I have to compete, and I struggle. I’m very concious of my grades, but as soon as it becomes about that extrensic motivation, the satisfaction and pleasure of creating art deminishes. Some people are much better about that sort of thing than I am. That’s why there are art majors in the world, and why I’m not one of them. But I do enjoy art, and it’s fun to create. Creating in itself, I think, satisfies a sort of need that we all have but don’t always recognise.


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