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It’s hard to know where to start with these ‘About me’ pages sometimes, because I like to talk about myself, but I guess I’ll begin at the beginning. I was born on August 19, 1992 in Ohio. My family moved a lot the first 8 years of my life, until we settled down in Ohio again in 2000. I don’t remember much before then, so my life has pretty much been Ohio- we’ve been there ever since.

In 2010 I graduated from high school, in 2011 I started University life at BYU-I (Brigham Young University in Idaho). I’m there the first seven months of the year, and spend the other five back in Ohio. I’m not an art major. I am, in fact, a Humanities Major. Humanities deals with the fine arts (Music, literature, art, film, etc.) as well as history, philosophy, and the like. My clusters are in Literature.

I have five siblings, I’m the second oldest child, and the oldest girl. Which is, I have to say, a lot of fun. My greatest goal in life is to get married and have kids.

I like art, journaling, watching movies, and reading (though I’m a bit picky about my books). I’ve been known to fold laundry while watching movies. Or do art (my primary medium is colored pencils). However I have less time for art and reading during school, I’m very particular with my grades.

I like Jane Austin movies, Pixar movies (of course), a lot of the  Disney films, musicals, many Studio Ghibli movies, and fun adventure films that have good plots, fun action scenes, a substantial amount of comedy, and a little bit of romance. It’s important to me that the movies I watch are Family Friendly.

As for books… it’s a bit harder to define what I like in those, excpet that I love fantasy and I have a slight fondness for fairy tales. My favorite books include: The Nightengale, The Prydain Chronicles, Howl’s Moving Castle, Snow White and Rose Red, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Dark Lord of Derkholm, Entwined, The Prince of Ill Luck, and a few of the Discworld books.

And I can keep going on about myself. But the problem is that you can’t really know a person unless you talk with her. Me. Just read the blog posts, that should give you a fairly good picture.



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