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The flow

Last year when I got back from University, I was able to do a lot of artwork. It really surprised me, I had not been able to do that before- but the inspiration just seemed to flow. I even had a system all worked out. My siblings would be at school, I’d start in the morning, taking all of my supplies to the living room. I’d have my laptop with me, and there I’d listen to documentaries on BYUTV or episodes on the Mormonchannel. They had a program called Everything Creative, which I loved to listen to. Or sometimes I’d watch movies. Pretty much anything so long as I had something to listen to while I worked. And I’d have my supplies with me. Usually I’d doodle if I was in need of some ideas, and the doodles quite often fueled my work. Sometimes I’d brainstorm on a word processer on my laptop. Once I got an idea, it was just a matter of getting it done. Sometimes I’d miss lunch because I’d be so involved in what I was doing. I’d usually get a fair amount done (occasionally I’d finish) my work by the time my siblings came home from school. It was lovely how it all worked out. I’d get maybe three images done per week.

I don’t know if it will work out quite so well this year. I’ve already completed one good image. But that was an idea that had been been waiting for an entire semester to be completed. Now, I don’t have a lot of ideas going. Moreover, I don’t know what I can listen to. There hasn’t been anything new on Everything Creative for forever, and I’ve pretty much explored all of the episodes accessible on BYUTV’s website. I suppose there is always YouTube. This last semester I found some really great documentaries for Mozart and Beethoven. The Beethoven one was especially interesting. The guy was quite the character. I’ve done some brief research since seeing Eroica in my Humanities class- they think Beethoven might have been bipolar, and the documentary I watched really played that out. When I die and go to heaven, I think I’d like to meet him and see what he was really like. You’ve got to wonder about someone who writes music, despite being deaf. And here’s me, wondering what to draw.

I admit I’ve been somewhat distracted though. I’ve been skimming through the third Anne of Green Gables book, reading all the bits with Gilbert. Well, he finally got the girl. She turned down five proposals and finally ended up with him. What took her so long about it? But then there are those other books that I could read…

Vacations are very muddling buisness. You have so much time that you can’t get any work done!