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Where I might go with these projects

I’ve been considering where I can go with these various creative projects that I’ve been involved with. My friends recommend that I create a Youtube channel for my recorded stories. I suppose in there I can include a little storyboard, and if I can find a way to give people the option of downloading it… I’m not sure how I would do it, but it’s definitely worth looking into.


I also mentioned to my friends about how I would love it if I opened a fanfic contest to see who can create the best written work based off of one of my artworks.


There are possibilities to explore, I’m not very hopeful of making a large profit off of any of them, but I think it is something to shoot for.

My Roommate

I guess I really haven’t written very much this year, even though a lot is actually happening. For one thing, I’m rooming with a good friend of mine again. It’s so nice to have her back. She’s been in Thailand of late. She’s engaged to a really great guy. I was able to surprise her yesterday with this little creation. The tricky part was finding a silhouette where the guy wasn’t noticeably taller than the girl.



I’ve been working on something else for her too. More about that later.


She listened to one of the audiobooks I made last year, the Princess Bride spoof, and thought that I could really do something with… this. Like if I could start a Youtube channel and share it on Facebook and see what comes of it. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? I’m rather dubious myself, but I like the encouragement anyway. It would be great if I could do something like that, where I would have complete autonomy over my work, and the creative freedom to pursue my own ends. It’s not like I’d do it for the money, the only problem is that I do need money. I’m sure that has been the plague for countless creative people now and in times past.


If I could know that I would be provided for, I would be able to try some of these things out. I mean, I’ll be writing and drawing and stuff anyway for the rest of my life. It would be nice to think all of that actually went into something.

About Christmas

So sorry I didn’t make a Christmas post. Christmas was a bit bigger than I expected, and I’ve been busy ever since it.

We siblings pitched in our Christmas money to get the latest Phoenix Wright game. I told you how excited I was during the school year when I found out about the existence of such a game. It was one of the little things I would think about to make me happy when things were getting rough. I’m almost done with it now (the finale case is super intense, I needed a break). I approve of all the slight changes they made to the game play, the cases were intriguing, and as far as organization goes, it looks like they’ve shaken things up a little bit. There are good story/character moments as well.

As for the homemade audiobooks I gave, as far as I know only my youngest sister has listened to all of them. Her response was positive, but I always knew her to be the biggest fan of my work. I’m grateful that the ‘comedic storytelling’ CD was a success, since that one was the most experimental. Making these CDs was a wonderful experience. It’s great to at last make a homemade gift that’ is of decent quality and purpose (I sometimes get rather aghast at what people think would make a good homemade gift– it’s usually either to difficult to make without a thorough knowledge of the skills involved, or it’s pointless for anything but decorative purposes and flimsy to boot) I think I would like to do this more in the future. There are so many creative possibilities. It’s enough to drive one mad. I would like to explore this so very, very much. But there are things in life that must be attended to, like housekeeping and school and maybe one of these days, a job. Not enough hours in a day.

But take a look: Here’s a picture of what I managed to get done for my siblings for Christmas. Enjoy the day my friends.