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New Image: Celebrating Autumn


Such a dissapointment. Maybe that’s not something that you would expect to hear on the completion of the image, but there you have it. Not because it was bad. In fact, the original looks really great. But both the scanner and my camera kept doing wierd things to the red. Besides the fact that my camera’s broken LCD screen makes photographing the image difficult- so many pictures just to make sure everything was centered and in focus. This is a much closer up version of the original, edited as best I could to make it look alright. If you de-noise the image on iPhoto, then it begins to look more like a painting, so I tried to go for the impressionistic look. But naturally by the time I finish this image, it is no longer colorful outside. It is, in fact, cold and wet outside.

Now, the nice thing is that when I finished this project, I could go straight to the next, because I had already drawn it out and began coloring. This is great, I thought, no lag. That time between images when you have to get yourself together and get an idea to work on… I didn’t have to worry about it. I can go from one project to the next. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Maybe because it also has problems. Particularly with this image, where I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ve finished all the parts I did know how to do, so I’m already at a stand still with that project. Still, I like the system of working on two projects at once, so I have something to do when I’m having difficulty with the other one. And I wish I thought of it from the first. Then I might have more done by now. I mean, this image that I’m posting now was supposed to be a replacement for one of my other, lesser images. And it didn’t go quite as I wanted in the end. Ah well.


And now for a change of topic. I’ve said I’m one of those people who likes to watch the special features of movies, read the programs for plays, and watch documentaries about or interviews with various artists/musicians/etc. But then there is the other medium, blogs. I don’t read a lot of other people’s blogs- mostly because I don’t know where to look for one that would interest me. But I have been keeping up with one author’s blog, because I sent her an email about her book and she actually replied- with, naturally, a link to her blog. It has been interesting reading a writer’s blog (especailly since my Mom is a writer). Mom suggested another author’s blog- Patricia C. Wrede. I’ve enjoyed her books since I was twelve and reading The Enchanted Forrest Chronicles.

So I looked at her blog. She writes a lot. But while skimming through her posts and reading some of the content I am reminded once again that there is a lot more that goes on in writing (or any other craft, I’m sure) than we suspect. As I have said before, the experience the artist has, and the experience the audiance has are two entirely different things. And sometimes when you get some idea of what the artist goes through (goodness, I wish they wouldn’t use ‘artist’ to cover all of the creative arts, it’s far too misleading), it’s a bit overwhelming. I can’t imagine how they do it. It just seems like a regular day job would be much easier.

Creative people blow my mind.

It all makes it harder for me to figure out where I fit into the picture. But then… maybe I’m worrying about it too much? I am, after all, only twenty. The temptation at this kind of age, is to try to get the rest of your life figured out, because now you are an ‘adult’ and you have to get out there on your own. The problem is that you can’t get it all figured out at once. Things happen that you don’t expect. And then there’s the things you do expect, but can’t plan very well until they start happening- like getting married. Long story short, I really don’t know to what end I am doing all of my creative efforts. But I hope that they contain some value.


New Image: Beyond the Wall


Thank goodness that’s done. The mist was such a pain. And I still don’t like how the lower third of the picture looks, but I was having enough of the image so I decided to stick with how it looks now. And it doesn’t look too bad I suppose, but I’m not exactly happy with it. I am happy that I am done though. I hope I can now move on to a new image, a better one. I have twelve images done, so these next ones can replace ones that I feel are lesser. And that is a nice thought in itself. Yes- move on, proceed ahead, continue, that’s the ticket. If nothing else, I’m going to console myself in the fact that there was a story in that image, before all the coloring got in the way. I’ve little more to say about the image itself than what I have already said.

My goal is to keep pushing myself to draw and color. That last image could have taken much longer if I didn’t push myself so much. And I really wouldn’t want it to go on for longer than it did.



I’m starting to get a new idea for an image. I’ll have to doodle it out a bit, but if I can get it right… it should look pretty great. That’s always the thing, isn’t it? If I do it right it could look great.

But this is no time to be discouraged! I got the idea as I was looking outside. The tree in our front yard has more of it’s leaves on the ground than on itself. I’m thinking… some kind of ‘in the trees’ view of autumn (yes, another autumn picture. I like those). She won’t be on the ground (I’m going to do another featured female. Featured males are too much trouble), but rather she’ll be on one level of leaves, but there will still be other leaves above her. So she can enojoy jumping in the leaves, and  reaching out to the still falling leaves. It’s hard to explain. Especially since I don’t even have a doodle of the place. It’s only an idea in my head now, but I wanted to come back here and give the news. One has to have a positive note in one’s posts somewhere.

Coming together

Well, the image is starting to come together now. At last. I think that it’ll be done today or tomorrow. Then I can move on at last. It’s also significant because with the completion of this image, I’ll have created twleve new images this year, enough for a calendar of completely new images. So all the stuff I do after this one can replace the ones I didn’t like as much. For instance, While ‘I call him Fred’ is a good enough image, it’s mostly there for Lori, who actually understands it’s origins. And ‘Akinra’s Dream World’…. doesn’t fit stylistically with the rest of it very well. So… one or two more images, and I could create a really cool calendar.

Driving Lori to school, we saw lightning! But with no thunder, and no rain. It was perfectly lovely. And once we could see the bolt ahead of us, instead of lingering at the corners of my vision. It was quite lovely, and made me very happy this morning.  Nature is so pretty 🙂

Here’s another pic from the walk we took on Sunday.


In the meantime

Okay, I’m going to work on that image some more. Let’s hope I actually get somewhere.

I took a walk with my mom and sisters yesterday. It’s a good time of year to walk and talk. Though I don’t remember much of what we talked about except that part of it was writing. See, it’s something all five of us relate to in some small way. On my part it’s a matter of ‘yeah, it’d be cool if I had a story running around in my head to entertain me in the time between going to bed and actually falling asleep.’

So while I’m still working on that image, which will be done before the end of the week, here’s a picture I took from that walk.



Every once in a while I think it might be fun to take up photography as a hobby. I don’t know anything about photography, however, and the LCD screen on my camera is broken, but it would have it’s advantages. Mostly the fact that I might have time for photography while I’m at school next year, whereas I will not have much time for art. I like having nice pictures, and knowing that I took them. It’s just one of those things that brings… satisfaction.


Old journals and cheers to a magical season

So I found some of my old notebooks today, just to write in during study hall or something to vent all my feelings out and keep me going through the day. I was kinda surprised actually. I thought I had thrown away old my old notebooks. I mean, some people keep journals for the intent of leaving something behind for posterity or whatever, but I generally think that spoils the effect. I approach my journal writing from a completely eogoistic (in this case, ‘selfish’) angle.

It was quite facinating, as it generally is when I get to here my voice from two years past. I talked extensively on things that really don’t matter any more, but I some of the problems are still the same. I still wonder what I’m going to do with myself and if the time I spend on various talents and projects and other things are really worth it. I still want my voice to be heard, without quite being like someone who just likes to hear themselves talking. Now is that a fun paradox to work with or what? The fact is, I have questions and concerns and thoughts, and I like people to give their thoughts or advice. But I don’t want to badger them with my problems as a conversation piece. Sometimes it’s easier to write things out anyway. That’s why I had those notebooks during school and why I wanted a blog.

One of the interesting things was I was reading a few entries from the beginning of autumn. Autumn has been my favorite season for a long time. When I was younger, there was always an element of magic to it. You know, the colored trees, leaves crunching beneath your feet, cool breezes, and then coming home to where you can wrap up in a blanket with a comic book and a snack, glancing occassionally at the window to look at the storm clouds. And the treats that are assoicated with autumn, pumpkin pies and hot chocolate and things, and that craving for warm stews and baked potatoes and stuff. It all appealed to the romantic in me (the food appeals to me just in general).

And what with the festivities and holidays and the walks and parks that my parents would sometimes take it to, that romantic in me would always like to beleive that something special will happen in the autumn. Something that would just make me happy. A new friend, a new comic book (one of the great tragedies of my childhood, I had finished reading every single Calvin and Hobbes comic book there was, so I couldn’t read a new one. Then the same thing happened with Fox Trot), going to the movie theatre (which doesn’t happen often in our home) or a play (which happens even less often), and I think ‘getting a date’ got on the list in my later teens.

But those sorts of things really don’t seem to matter as much anymore. Autumn is still a magical season, but at the same time, my siblings are at school, Dad’s at work, Mom’s involved with several things, I’m pondering various components and intracasies of life, and things are going on as they normally do. And seeing as I have been really blessed regaurding my education, I have a hard time complaining that there isn’t enough ‘magic’ in my life, and right now I really just want to be usefull, or do good and usefull things. In either case, I intend to look forward to Autumn, as I do every year. There may be some magic in it yet.



New Image: Autumn Wind


This was just a quick one I managed to complete in, what? Two, three days? As I said, this sort of concept is easy for me to work with- although I don’t think the leaves accomplished quite what I wanted them to. I just really liked the idea of the wind getting leaves caught in her hair as she blew through the trees. She’s a wild one. But hopefully she looks like she maintains a certain amount of dignity.  I like the strong colors in this image, I think it makes a nice visual impact. It’s also a bit nice after the softer images I’ve done.

Oh I love autumn. I love wind. And a bunch of other things, but those would be irrelevant to this post.

Anyway, this is what I was busy with this morning. Along with fullfilling my dad’s request that I make puffy molassas cookies, my grandpa’s recipe. I love them. They’re more like little cakes than cookies. Hopefully they turned out okay. But even if they didn’t, at least the kitchen smells like cookies, with just a hint of that molassas smell. Dad used to make cookies and cakes from scratch with us when we were kids, and he’d hand the spices to us and say ‘Smell this, that’s cloves,’ and that sort of thing. They were good times.