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New Image: Tamara Lynn

Only  TWO DAYS to color this. That almost never happens. I wish I had more artwork like this.

This is inspired by the story of Tam Lin– where a girl saves a guy from the fairies by holding onto him while he goes through a series of animal transformations. I did a gender flip for this image, which I think works thematically. I could be wrong, but I think woman tend to be more changeable in moods and behaviors, and some guys are wonderful because they bear it patiently.



Everything was much wilder in the doodle. Color tends to tame things a bit. It looks almost serene, even though it was inspired by a lot of chaos. Tamara’s dress was actually easier to color than the background. There’s some nice, recognizable animal elements in there. When I finished, she actually reminded me of what an animal deity from a different culture might look like- especially with all the colors. That’s alright, I think she still looks cool.

I’m pleased with this image, perhaps in part because I finished it so quickly, so I never lost the hype I got from the concept, when I looked at the doodle thinking, “This could be so cool.” It would be great if most of my artwork was like this, and I could make a lot of beautiful artwork in a shorter amount of time.


Last time, with Shifter, I didn’t get a lot of response, except from my good friend who I emailed it to. I kind of hope I get more for this one. Not because I need the attention, but I like it, so I want other people to like it.


I wonder what great thing I’ll do next?