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I’m back

I’m home. Oh it’s so wonderful to be home. I really needed this.

I’ve started a new image. I don’t think it’s going to be the most brilliant, but I don’t have time to entertain doubts. And anyway, I’m not too concerned about it not being up to par, since this is my first image after taking a long break from art in order to make sure I got all of my school work done. This is just going to be how I’m going to ease back into the swing of things I suppose. Hopefully, my work will improve as I keep going.

I got the idea for this image while I was on vacation. I was reviewing in my mind some of the emotional difficulties I had in school. Envy, bitterness, uncertainty, all that sort of thing. Painful stuff. Then I thought about one of my friends, who told me that he really liked the flower, Bleeding Hearts. I remember that after he told me, I ran a google search, then used one of the images for desktop wallpaper. Bleeding hearts are really pretty, and of course their name has very emotional tie-ins. Pain. So… I decided to make an image based on that flower.

It’s a simple image, really. Again, I’m not going to be able to make it as wonderful as I would like. But at least I will remember how I came up with the idea. The story behind an image is really important. I’ve always believed that. That’s some comfort. Even if I have not the skill to create an image with the same impact as… as the idea had in my mind, at least I still have that idea in there. I don’t know what other people will think when they see it, but the goal is to make them think, and I think I can do that much at least.

Let’s hope anyway.

Well, so much for that

Well, the last image didn’t get that big a reaction. Except from me. I was happy with it. But give it a year and it will become another one of those things that I can’t stand to look at because I’m so much better now (especially since I’m already bothered by the fact that I don’t know how to draw folds in clothing). Which is somewhat comforting when you think of it, but it’s not exactly cheering to me at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to be excited about the stuff you do when not many other people know what you’re doing or why you’re excited about it.

I kinda want to have a movie night with my family.

Actually, I had a movie night with my Mom yesterday. We watched Persuasion, because a couple of weeks ago we saw one version of Persuasion, and thought it could be better. Specifically, with less angsting on the part of Anne, less of the really heavy dramatic music which typically meant that Anne was angsting, and without the really slow drawn out kiss at the end- where they kept getting close to eachother for half a minute before the actually manage to make contact. So we got out another version and watched it yesterday and, wonder of wonders, I actually liked the first version we saw better. I mean… not that any of these movies are actually bad, I wouldn’t want you to think that they were that. But they weren’t good. And I could tell by watching them that this story (Jane Austen, you know) could make a good movie. I just haven’t seen it yet. Our library has one last different version, so hopefully we will be able to watch a movie of persuasion that is actually good.

I’m feeling kinda quiet today. Maybe all of my animation was spent yesterday getting excited for my latest image. And that’s why I want a movie. With popcorn. And lots of blankets. And a cup of hot chocolate. Ah… nothing like the turn of the season to make you start to crave warm things. Especially right now as I feel keenly aware of how cold my feet are.

It occurs to me that I ought to be more excited, since it looks like I’ll be having a few of the same roommates when I go back to BYU-I in January. That is most certainly something to be grateful for. Make no mistake, I’ll be giving thanks in my prayers tonight for that good fortune. Yet my mood is still… quiet without being particularly contemplative- which is really not fair.

Reflections and plans

Tomorrow I leave Rexburg to go back to Ohio.

It has been nice these past two semesters at BYU-I. A couple of the significant things was that I was able to meet some new people and play D&D, I had wonderful roommmates, I oficially declared my major in Humanities and feel really comfortable with that choice of major, I saw some great performances, and I loved my classes.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day for Jasmine and myself- with shuttles and flights and such. But I planned to buy a book for my kindle called Slayers by C J Hill, which is a penname for Janette Rallison. She rights teenage comedy romances. Clean comedy romances. Some of her books I really like, and others- not so much. But Slayers is a fantasy book involving dragons, so I’ve been wanting to see how it turns out. With a new book, I could keep myself occupied- and besides that, my sister Lori wants to read it, so she can read it when I get home. It should work out very nicely.

Speaking of, I finished reading Anne of Green Gables yesterday. I kept going back to it, I didn’t want to clean so long as I hadn’t finished it. And now I have. Gilbert is a darling, of course. It occures to me that I could read the sequals for the shuttle, layovers, and plane ride- but I have been wanting to read this other book for a long time, and I told Lori I’d get it.

As for what I’m going to do when I’ve settled back down in Ohio, I don’t know. I’ll work out the details later. There’ll be things going on with family, I’ll be having my 20th birthday on the 19th of August, I’ll get some artwork done, maybe add some things to my Zazzle store, watch movies with my siblings, and I’ve kinda been wanting to read to someone. Isn’t it funny the strange cravings you get. Throughout the last semester, I’ve been wanting to read aloud to someone. I may find work, but those are details that I’ll work out later. For the moment, I’m contemplating tommorrow, where I say “Farewell Rexburg, until next January.”


This is the path leading into/ out of The Gardens at BYU-I.

Beautiful things

Yesterday I went to The Gardens. I am nearly done with finals, and I decided that I didn’t want to stay in my room on my laptop any longer. One of the things I have to fight against is the urge to stay where I am and just play around on my laptop, and not get anything done. I think it’s a problem a lot of people suffer from.

So I went to the Gardens with my kindle and found a quiet place where I could read. As I was reading I heard a flute, or some such instrument, playing the Shire theme. It was a nice thing to hear. Some people in the world are just awesome.

I also brought my camera, because I discovered about a month ago that if you go to the gardens as the sun is going down, it looks quite lovely when the sprinklers turn on. Actually, one of the things that bothered me when I first came to Idaho last year, that the grass wouldn’t stay green without the aid of sprinklers. But the sprinklers themselves are beautiful, espeically with the sun shining on them. Makes it look like a magical place, rather than a University. So get off your laptop and find beautiful things!



It begins….

Well, this is my first blog! I’m kinda excited to see how this is going to turn out, and where I’m going to go with this. It’s just that sometimes one needs a better outlet for one’s thoughts and creative expressions than Facebook. There are two main ways I express thought and creativity; journaling and art.

I love journalling, and I can go on and on about why. I believe that journalling is more than talking about the day’s events. I think that if you approach it that way, your in for a boring journal. At least mine would be. Today’s entry would go something like this:

 July 17, 2012- I didn’t have to go to Shakespeare class today. The class is basically over, we just have to take the final (which I also did later today and got a 93%). So during that time I did religion homework, went to religeon class, and then to my Homer to Tolkien class where we discussed The Odyssey.

I mean… so… short. And it doesn’t really say anything. Except to you, now you know that I’m a student (Brigham Young University in Idaho, or BYU-I, formally Rick’s Collage) and a few of the classes that I take. No, real journalling is for expressing ideas, working out problems, and suchlike. For instance, in reference to my Shakespeare class, I would probably talk about how I love Shakespeare class, but the problem with studying Shakespeare is when the professor has it fixed in his mind exactly what the theme of a particular play is. And then he frames all the homework questions around his ideas, so that we can find evidence to support his opinion. And I’m not saying that he is wrong, or that his ideas have no credibility. But I would prefer if we were just pushed in the right direction, so that we can come to our own conclusions and support them with our own evidence. Of course this would make the class more challenging, but in all honesty, it can do with a bit more challenge. Sometimes pleasing the teacher, even if you can’t do it wholeheartedly, is too easy.

And then there’s art. When people ask what my talents and hobbies are, that’s what comes first to mind- even though I realize that I am quite the amatuer. I haven’t done much artwork lately, since I’ve been at University in Idaho. It keeps me busy. BYU-I runs on a three-track system, in which each student is assigned to two out of three semesters. Since the semsters are so short, the work load has to increase. However, it means that we get a very long break (unless we chose to go to school on our off-track, but I don’t have the finance to do that). And I intend to use that break to become reaquainted with my colored pencils and see if we’re still on good terms. It’s finals week right now, and I should be back home in Ohio early Tuesday morning.

But I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself if you’re going to be reading this. My name is Azure (it means sky-blue, but hopefully you are educated enough to know that). I’m currently 19 years old, but will be 20 in August on the 19th. As I mentioned, I’m a student at BYU-I for about 7 months of the year. I’ll be finishing up my second year very shortly. I’m a Humanities Major (deals with the Fine Arts, also with history, philosophy and the like), with clusters in Literature. For the other 5 months of the year, I’m home in a small town in Ohio- the second oldest of six siblings (though my older brother is in California, serving a mission for our church now). Now that’s just a quick look at myself, I’m sure I’ll write more later. I’m actually fighting against the urge to continue writing- but I don’t want this to be too long (even though I have a tendency to write for ours when I’m left to my own devices).