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Latest Zazzle product- 2014 calendar

Well, I got myself to do it. I got myself to create a calendar to be available for purchase at Zazzle, which will include a combination of my work from this year and last year, making sure to get in favorites like Nymph, Masquerade, and Torrent. I get the royalties for every purchase. What I don’t tithe of what I earn will go toward my education, and education will make me a better person, and if I am a better person I will be able to bring more happiness to the world, therefore purchasing one of these calendars will bring happiness to the world. Alright, so that’s a logical fallacy, but since real advertisements use logical fallacies all the time, I figured I could have a go at it. Anyway, you can access the calendar at http://www.zazzle.com/2014_calendar-158047769807698495


I am also going to see if I can go about getting some prints available, and of course you can contact me if you want a custom made calendar so that I can produce one with all of your favorite of my works, in case you’re not completely satisfied with my picks, which are shown below.


Ice PrincessesMay I returnTorrentNymphOut of the WildernessEnchanted PlaceCaptain of the Red WingsCastle in the CloudsRagna's WrathMasqueradeCelebrating AutumnSwan Lake Dream

Awesomeness needs refueling

I really like my latest image. Not only does it look good, but it’s got meaning in it, and it was a bit ambitious for me. I don’t usually involve that many people in one image, which means I’ve also never incorporated such a variety of different poses, they were also in a building, which I don’t normally do. It was fun to conceptualize and fun to see it come together.


However, up until this point I’ve managed to go smoothly from one image to the next. As soon as I finished one, I could start in on another almost right away. I thought it was a bit unusual, last year it would usually take me a while between projects to do some brainstorming for my next image. That changed this past year. But after I finished Masquerade… I didn’t have anywhere to go. It’s like… all the images that I did before this year were building up to this last image, and that was the culminating moment. It turned out wonderfully, to the point where I even liked it while I was doing it, but now that it’s done, the awesomeness gage is low, and it needs refueling.


Even though I feel like Masquerade was, in some way, a culminating moment for my artwork this year, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing artwork for the year. But it’s falling action at this point. I don’t have a lot of time left in the year, and I have even less time to make my artwork available on Zazzle. You know, on the off chance that some crazy person actually wants to give a calendar with my artwork to someone as a Christmas gift. It could happen.



AAAAAAAAAAH! Not even long after I posted this, one of my friends asked if I was still selling prints! HAPPINESS! I love my friends. Their awesomeness gage doesn’t even need refueling, because they can hardly contain all of their awesomeness as it is.


Sold! (or given?)

Sometimes amazing and wonderful things happen.

Like when someone asks if you like to give away your artwork.

So here’s the story: my roommate’s friend and our fellow ward member comes to the apartment to practice a musical number, and she likes my artwork. So I give her one of my prints, and then she asks for permission to get a couple of other works printed up. It’s so wonderful that somebody values my artwork! It makes me want more than ever to produce lots more beautiful artwork.

I was actually thinking about my artwork yesterday before this incident. Well, in truth, I was thinking first about going home. The semester’s almost over, then I’m going to have a month long vacation with extended family and road-tripping and suchlike. That will leave me less time than usual for my artwork. But when I can, I intend to throw myself into that work- just like I’ve been throwing myself into schoolwork this past semester.

I was thinking about branching out a bit. Usually I do images that would be suitable for a calendar. This time I might want to do other things as well. I can do fan art for my Mom’s work, and- if I could actually manage to write a story- I could illustrate my own work. I would really love to create a couple of short-stories, and then have images to go along with them. And it might happen, who knows? I’m sure most of my images will be intended for another calendar, but I also want to apply my work in other directions.

Potential is so exciting.

Calendar available

Yesterday a lady from church told me that my work was a wonderful and asked if I was ever planning on doing anything with it or if it was still just a fun hobby. Well, if youlve been reading my posts you might know that I’ve been asking and struggling with that same kind of question myself.

But in response to that question, I decided I would create a calendar for 2013 after all. I wasn’t sure if I would, my grandparents sent me their own custom made calendar with pictures they took while in South Africa, so it wasn’t like I needed a calandar. Besides, I always hate spending money when there’s a new semester looming on the horizon. Within the next week or two, I’m going to have to be taking care of tuition, rent, books, living expenses, and travel fees. So… I may not buy this calendar for a while. But it is nice to have the calendar, because then at school when people find out I am an artist and want to see my work, I can just show them my calendar. It’s a quick and easy demonstration.

Besides, you never know, somebody might actually buy it. After all, somebody bought one of my calendars last year. That’s what baffled me, somebody bought my calendar in May. So their paying full price when they only have part of the year left.

The bottom line is, it can’t hurt to post it. It doesn’t cost anything to make it available. I’m not going to advertise or make a big deal out of it though. It doesn’t matter if anybody else wants it. I made it for me. Maybe that’s one of the things that would make me a terrible buisness person. Not only do I hate advertising or adding a price onto my work, but my goal is not ‘to give them what they want’ but to do what I want. For my calendar, I would choose the images I want there, and not the images that are ‘most popular’ or whatever.

Anyway, if you are interested you can check it out too. If you want a calandar, but with different images- look through my gallary, pick the ones you want, and leave a comment.


There you have it

It strange how things work somtimes. Friday I was really excited about my art and the things I was doing with it. Saturday I felt really discouraged. I’ve been working so many hours to get to be as good as I am at art, and I’m not yet at a level where my work is really worth a lot.  I kept wondering if there was something else I could do with my art besides make it a sellable product, like the calendars I keep talking about. The problem is that I don’t know what.

I have to say, something I’m really tempted to do is to cut up one of my old calendars. It’s a calendar I created out of the images I did last year. And it was actually really useful, not because I actually used the calendar much (although it was convinently there when I needed to get a look at the month). Rather, it was just really easy to pull it out when people told me they wanted to see my artwork. So instead of shuffling around inside my clipboard- I could just take the calendar down. But, I’m not as happy with some of the images now as I was last year. So part of me does want to take some of the pictures and then crop them down to just the parts that look good.

Of course, I don’t know what I’d do with them then. I could create a scrapbook: Art to Inspire. Where I would talk about the image and the inspiration behind it. Or maybe I could just show the progression that has happened over the years. “As you can see, at the age 19, I still didn’t know how to draw convinceing clouds. But because I did not give up, I continued in my efforts and only a year later I was able to do more more believable clouds. You too can be the most wonderful cloud artist in the world, if you never stop trying, and always believe.” Or I could turn at least two of the images into an accordian project- where it looks like one image if you look at it from one angle, and a different image when you look at it from another angle. Except the only time I’ve done one of those was in high school where I was provided with all of the materials.

Or… I could just keep it and continue to show it off to people who want to see my artwork.

New Image: Nymph


I know I wanted to have it done before today. But I wasn’t as close to done as I wanted to, and yesterday I did a lot of work on it. It got to the point where sometimes I would look over at it, and then not want to look at it because it wasn’t finished. I liked what I had though. The water is my favorite part, and it’s one of the earliest things I did. The original doesn’t quite look as it is shown here, our scanner sometimes does wierd things to the colors, but I like the way it looks here. Shadowy, but there is light as you look upon the scene wih the water nymph.

I would go on to talk more about the image but… I’ve been doing that all this time while it’s been a work in progress. That’s the thing with images that take a while to do- you say everything before the big reveal, and then you don’t have anything to say at the big reveal.

But it’s great that I have another image. This is, what? my eighth one since I got back? It’s not as much as I like. I’m pretty sure I had more done by this time last year (although I must say, I think that I have improved since then, and I like most of this year’s images better). I want to get started fairly soon on another one. My goal is that by the end of tomorrow I’ll have an idea and maybe a start on a new image. I don’t want to go through so many days brainstorming as I usually do. I’ve got to pick up speed.

See, Mom wanted me to get more calendar images done earlier this year, so that she could send a new calendar to my grandparents in time for Christmas. And I figure, I may as well see if anyone else is interested in a calendar at the same time, I have a number of Facebook friends who like to look at my artwork whenever I post it. In fact, I get a number of Relief Society Sisters tell me they like to see my artwork on Facebook. There was a time last year where we were having a talent show, and if we had a talent we wanted to present or display, we were supposed to sign up. But the sign-up sheet somehow never got to me. So after a few weeks of this, they reminded us in the announcements one Sunday to make sure we remembered the talent show, and she said “So if you have done lots of pretty artwork while you were at collage and haven’t shown any of it except on Facebook….” and suddenly I was surrounded in a chorus of coughs and “Oh I wonder who that could be,” and “It couldn’t possibly be Azure” and stuff like that. It was kind of fun.

The point is, that I may as well see who else is interested. And if they are, then I want to give them plenty of options so that they can choose their favorites.

In case you wanted to know

In case you wanted to know, I just looked up the difference between nymphs and nyads. It would seem that nyads are a subdivision of nymphs that preside over bodies of freshwater. Isn’t it wonderful that we have google to help us answer all the strange questions that pop into our heads? Life is so interesting. I don’t think I have ever before wondered what the difference between nymphs and nyads were.

I was thinking about nymphs becaues I was wondering what to do for my next image. So far I have eight images for this year. It is not as much as I would like, but at least most of them are kind of cool. But I need to get more done. And the most aggrivating thing is trying to come up with what to do next. Because in the meantime you aren’t doing anything except thinking. It makes me feel idle. The work comes when the pencil is put to paper and color starts to fill the page.

Oh! But there is other news. Two days ago when I finished Akinra’s World, I also added a new product to my Zazzle store. Zazzle is a place online, where I can make costum products (like the calendars I’ve been mentioning) with my artwork. So when I create a product with my artwork, it goes into my ‘store,’ where people can buy them if they wish. This time, I added a T-Shirt entilted ‘Dryad Unleased’ (I wanted to just say it was a Dryad, but I had another shirt in there that features a Dryad). I really ought to post the artwork for it so you can see, but I scanned it into my Mom’s computer (which has photoshop, and I do not). So if you’re ever at Zazzle.com, or whatever the URL for it is, see if you can find my store; look out for ‘Azureworks.’ When I get some calendars posted for 2013, I’ll give you a more clear description.