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Another important creater in my life

So you have heard me talk about various creaters, usually writers, who have been important to me. I think I’ve mentioned Dr. Suess and Graeme Base. Those who brought Disney and Pixar into existance are HUGE in my life. I talked about Lloyd Alexander not too long ago. In the music/video world there are The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling and I have enjoyed their work a lot.

Now, I have recently been exploring watercolors. Some of the tones in the demonstrations I saw reminded me of the colors in some of the Calvin and Hobbes works, something I’ve enjoyed a lot over the years. With this thought in mind, I did a wikipedia search of first Calvin and Hobbes and then Bill Waterson (the creater of said comic).

After reading that, I have to say that I think Bill Waterson is… what word can describe it? Mostly, it was reading his comments in retrospect about discontinuing Calvin and Hobbes. He said that he said all he had to say, and if he kept going and repeated himself for another five, ten, twenty years, people wouldn’t be mourning the end of Calvin and Hobbes, they would be cursing a tedius cartoonist. He’s never regretted stopping when he did. And I think that it’s wonderful and amazing that he had that kind of… insight. That he was aware of that. And now I’m grateful that he did stop when he did, even though it is bittersweet and that I dream about reading new Calvin and Hobbes strips (literally, I have dreamt this before). There were other things he did that I respect as well, not allowing merchandicing in order to preserve the spirit of the comic, for instance, and for the way he strived for full paper versions of his comics.

Those comics mean something to me. They were the first comic strips I really read. So I must have first read them when I was… younger than twelve, I’m not sure how much younger though. And it’s fun because as I got older and reread them, I was able to understand the strips I wasn’t able to before and so the strips were still able to entertain me. When I was… thriteen I started writing little comic strips. They weren’t any good. But it was important nonetheless, because in later years I would do more comics/visual novels. So I have to thank Bill Waterson and Calvin and Hobbes for first peaking my interest.

So there’s another to add to the list of important creaters in my life: Bill Waterson, the guy who wrote Calvin and Hobbes. Thank you.



Quick note about my artwork: Okay, so I’ve been working with the salt glazing. I’ve come to a few conclusions, first of all, I think layering the salt glazing makes it lose a little bit of it’s visual impact. So I’m kinda sad, I feel like I’ve corrupted it. Maybe I’ll do something with it anyway. Yesterday I started a colored doodle, just so that I could work with color on something incredibly simple, yet beautiful, until I come up with a new image to do. I don’t know it I’ll ever finish/post it. I hope to do some brainstorming today. Wish me luck.