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Camping Update

So we’ve moved into the phase of the vacation that actually involves camping. Just like I feared, I don’t take too well to it. I had a rotten time trying to sleep last night, and a rotten time trying to stay awake today. It was too cold last night. And in the car ride today, it was too warm not to sleep. This is going to be a long week, with not much by the way of internet or electricity. I’m really not the camping type.

But at least we’re eating well.

Yesterday I found that I was still struggling with some… emotional conflicts from this past year of school. I loved my time at school this year, but I’ve also had a lot of problems with it, and I still feel like there are loose ends and unresolved challenges. Today I’m too tired to worry about my worries.

I’m so tired of being tired. It seems like I’ve been tired all this past year. Now I’m on vacation and still not getting the right sleep.

Nevertheless, I’ve seen some pretty sights. I’ve been able to get internet long enough to read my brother’s e-mail. So I guess I’ll just stick it through.