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What next?

School will be finished in less than a month. A little over three weeks, actually. That’s not much time at all. In theory, then, I’ll have time to work on some projects. Lately I’ve had a rekindled desire to create something. I am grateful for this semester, because I have been able to create– in my Creative Writing class and in my Basic Writing class. I’m grateful to have that opportunity to get feedback and help from professors.


There are some particular achievements from this school year that I am particularly grateful for and excited about. One is my Heritage Notebook. It was an assignment from my Classical Heritage class, and what it did was help me learn skills that I later applied to creating Adin and Laura’s engagement present. I’m also proud of the video I made about creating. I was able to share it yesterday, and that was a good experience. I very much like the creative nonfiction work I wrote for my creative writing class, and it’s been exciting to work on this piece of fiction as well. I’m also proud of the opinion essay I wrote in my basic writing class.


I can’t help but wonder what else I can do. I’m sure there’s great work still to be done. Could I create a gift for somebody else, like I did with Adin and Laura?


It is still uncertain whether or not I’ll be here next semester. Wish me luck.

Life gets interesting

Well, I’m procrastinating on my homework, which is a shame, because I’m usually good about keeping that up. Yesterday was bad, because I got caught up in a new activity.

It started when I found out I wasn’t giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting after all (which I was a little miffed to discover), so I had to reformat the talk into a lesson plan so I could still use it for my Final project in Religion class. While I was working on it, I got the weird idea to create a visual for it. After toying with the idea, I came up with this:


It was also my first time working with sort of overlapping images. Remember I’m doing this all without Photoshop too, this was created using Pages. Once I made this, I had to do some experimenting to see what else I could do.

 I’ve been doing some creative writing as well. This is not a good time to get caught up in spurts of creativity, Finals are coming up. These next few weeks are going to be really important to my grade. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have been able to explore, at least a little bit.

Midterms :)

Well, I’ve been busy the last few weeks. I’ve had a couple of midterm projects that were a bit stressful. I loved the assignments themselves, but the deadlines just ruin everything. One was an eight page analysis on some of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. It was only after I turned it in that I realized what I actually did was more of a synthesis than an analysis. My teacher could see the disturbed expression on my face (can you blame me? A lot of my grade count on what I get on this paper) and there was silence for several moments before he said “I’m waiting for Azure’s mind to be put at ease.” I actually thought it was at ease, all things considered. I was confident in turning it in, because I didn’t procrastinate, and I worked long and hard on it, I even took it to the writing center to get some questions. I hope my grade will reflect the effort I put into it.


The other one was an assignment where I had to find 50 references to Greek and Roman culture in our modern culture, like the fact the several people in Harry Potter that are named after characters from Greek mythology. That was so fun, but a little bit strenuous since I didn’t have much time to do it after the other assignment.


It could have been a horrible experience, but it wasn’t because I didn’t procrastinate. As it was, it was merely a bit stressful, because I was still saying up until nearly midnight for several nights in a row so I could get everything done. Still, the universe seemed intent to reward me for my effort, because yesterday I got to watch the first episode of Season 3 of Sherlock. Such a good show, such a good episode. I love good entertainment. It makes me so happy, so much so that it’s kind of weird. I would love to be able to create good work like that. Maybe one day I will actually draw or write something that’s really awesome. If I could get close to that… that would be amazing.


Life is good. Busy, but good.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I put together a couple of Valentines 🙂 Makes me happy. I love creating things. Some references and jokes are more obscure than others, but I hope you enjoy.





The things I could do

There are just some days when you feel like you can go out and take on the world. I imagine this seems to contrast rather a bit with yesterday’s post, but yesterday I had an encounter that kinda lifted the spirits. It was one of those simple things. I came back from doing yoga with my roommate, and I saw the friend whom I will call ‘The Guy Who Cleans My Oven’ And we were going up to hug eachother, but had a bit too much energy that night, and I ended up getting clothes-lined. Also my knee got bruised so I had to sit on the ground for a bit before I felt like walking. So it was a bit painful, but it was also really funny. I smile to remember the experience. So now I just feel awesome for little reason.

And to think, it’s a three-day weekend! There are extra-credit assignments I could do, there are things I could create, campus events I could attend, so much that could be done, and I’m excited. It’s so wonderful to have these things brewing in one’s head. Just yesterday I was thinking about how I would like to do some polymer clay works with marbles– like create a wizard’s staff or a crystal ball. Today I was working on Zazzle a bit, and I might experiment with some of their other product options. It feels so good to create!

Life is lovely again people.

Oh yeah

The good news is that I found the baking dish we used to use for polymer clay. However, I have to wait until my siblings are avalailable so they can make stuff too. So yesterday I satisfied my urge to create something more three dimentional by creating this lovely lady. I figure she’s an old wise-woman, or white witch or something. She was created with a wooden bead, lace fringe, and stuffing. I think I’ll call her Helgatha or something awful like that. A combination of Helga and Agatha.

Oh yeah, I finished my Repunzel Unleashed image a while ago. It’s nothing special, so I’m not going to put it in my gallary unless I get some protests. But here’s the image anyway. It was a lot cooler as a doodle, but I still like how the eye turned out here. It was fun to do that.

Anyway, enjoy this while I try to come up with something to work on, not only for this weekend, but for next week’s long weekend as well.