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Mother’s Day

It’s good that we celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow. I choose not to make cheesy Facebook statuses as part of my Mother’s Day tradition, but I do like to give some mention to my Mom.


I remember how Mother’s Day used to irritate me, because I would go to the church and I felt like I was being told I should be grateful to my Mom because she does a lot of stuff for me, like cooking and cleaning and whatnot. Well, my mom can’t do that. Not that she doesn’t want to, but she has health issues that limit that capacity. It seems to me that sometimes people take the wrong approach. My mom might not do a lot of cooking or cleaning, for instance, but she does sacrifice as she is able for Dad and for us kids. One of the things I love most about my Mom is that she’s so intelligent. She didn’t finish collage, but that doesn’t stop her from learning continually, and teaching– but not in a a preachy, cheesy, or lecture-y kind of way. It flows out naturally. I also love that it’s obvious she cares about my talents and abilities. I suppose I ought to mention the patience required in bringing us up, though I like to think that we didn’t give her too much trouble…


Being a mom has always been my number one goal in life. I’ve wanted it ever since I could conceptualize the idea. I remember when I was young that our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. I would say things like ballerina or figure skater or teacher or zoo keeper, but none of those things have ever stuck. The only thing I’ve always wanted to be and never changed my mind about was being a mom. I can’t imagine a more worthy and fulfilling thing to do with one’s life.


I created this image during Spring Break. My hope is that it encapsulates some of the feelings I have about Mothers Day and my Mom and my own hopes for being a mom.

I don’t know if Mom reads this blog, but if she happens to see this before tomorrow, she can count it as a spoiler, I guess.


Creative wallpapers + project

Today I discovered a creative way to make really cool desktop wallpapers for your computer. It’s so easy, just turn the visualizer on in your iTunes and take a screenshot of it. Voila.



About my other projects, I’m creating the cover for my audiobook. One of these days, I should learn graphic design on the computer, so it would look cooler and more professional, but what I’m doing will work well enough. After all, this whole project happened kind of by accident. I’m getting that creative adrenaline rush, so I’ve been wanting to come up with a whole bunch of projects in preparation for Christmas.


When I was a kid, I prepared for Christmas starting in October. I’d come up with all sorts of ideas for homemade Christmas presents and stuff. These days, I still like the idea of creating homemade Christmas presents, but I have much higher standards as to the quality of those presents. Last year I wrote a comic. This year I’m creating an audiobook, which is a step up in my mind. I like to think there are more things that I can do, I’ve got some ideas running around in my head, but none specific enough to be really helpful; videos, books, audio recordings, sewing projects, homemade nicknacks…. hopefully something will occur to me, because I really love having projects to work on.