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So…. I started by thinking I’ll do a little doodling to brainstorm for an image. Then I thought I might be in the mood for doing some more silhouette pictures, and maybe my doodles could help me brainstorm for that. But the page of ‘big paper’ that I had been using for my doodles for the past few days has been filled. So what I ended up doing for the longest time was just looking at some of those doodles, because I think some of them are really beautiful. Hey, it’s healthy for an artist to admire her work sometimes. And I love these doodles, but for some of them I just can’t figure out how to translate them to a larger, colored image. That’s… something you’d think would be easier, but it isn’t as simple as it seems at times. For a few, they work in odd dementions, for other’s it’s a matter of filling space, needing to add things, or arrange them in a way that creates the most visual impact… and of course there’s the color pallette to be worked out, which is getting harder since I need to restock on quite a few colored pencils.

But these doodles are lovely. They’re like little seeds, full of potential- I just need to crack the shell so that they can grow and flourish. It would be sad to leave them by the wayside.

Look at me, waxing sentimental about these silly little doodles. Sometimes I wonder at myself. But if that’s something unique about me, why can’t I explore that for possibilities. I mean, if I don’t who will right?

I’m going to try to work with these doodles to see if I can come up with something. That will be my assignment for the day. Not neccisarily something big, but something. Preferably colored.

And for the sake of color, here’s another photo from our Thanksgiving Hike.


Starting up again

From yesterday’s frustrations, I decided that I was going for the wrong sort of image. I wanted something with… movement or energy. I figured that the stuff I had been doing up to now has been more… small. Not as much emphasis on the character, and more emphisis on the environment. And that’s not a bad thing, I was able to expand in some ways. But now I want to do something with more character and more energy.

But even though I knew that was what I wanted yesterday, I was having trouble expressing it. So this time I went for something different stylistically. Something that is more reminicent of my doodles, becuase my doodles focus more on flowing lines and shapes that seem natural to me and just come out spontaneously when I should be taking notes in class. That’s actually how this image came about, Out of the Wilderness.

That came from a doodle when I was fitting the lines of a person into the lines of a tree. Which sounds really wierd, and I apologize. I’m actually pretty surprised that I got some postitive reaction from it, because I thought it was one of those things that only made sense to me.

So… I’ve got a doodle that I’m thinking will work. And I’m going to put everything else onto the backburner for now and see if I can’t actually make progress on something today.

Translating doodles to drawings

Well, I started that image I was talking about. I still wasn’t completely sure of the background, but I got a start on my featured person. But when I finished her shirt I discovered to my displeasure that the color pattern was looking awfully familiar. It was, in fact, very much like the one I used for Bree’s shirt in Captain of the Red Wings.

Captain of the Red Wings

And I couldn’t have that, especially since the background also had a similar feel to it. Now, the nice thing about colored pencil is that the pigment is easy to control, and you don’t have to wait for it to dry or anything- unlike paint. The not so nice thing about colored pencil is that it’s hard to fix something once you have it down. But I put a layer of white over what I had, and switched from the creamy-gold-brown to a more peachy color. Looking at it now, I think I’ve preserved the kind of feel I wanted to convey with the color. But I think I’m going to rethink the background, and see if I can’t come up with something cool and different. But still with the right feel, of course.

I was worried as I was coloring that I was loosing the ‘feel’ that I wanted. Sometimes when I look at a doodle, it has a certain feel or emotion to it, that I want to convey in my art. But sometimes it’s hard to translate that emotion from doodle to drawing. Like sometimes the art seems to ‘get in the way’ more than ‘convey.’ Which is not how it should go. But doodles are much more free than full scale images. They are spontaneous, fed more directly from emotion, are not bound to certain demensions, and there is far less pressure to get it right- because you can generate hundreds of doodles in the same amount of time it will take you do one peice of artwork.

However, doodles will never be complete works of art. And the images that I create have things that my doodles will never have. They have scale, they have color, they have more detail, and they stand on their own. So if all those elements are combined and done right, then they will have a much bigger impact than the doodles. The trick is not letting the color/detail/scale interfere with the original charm of a spontaneous production- such as what you get when you are doodling.


Doodle to drawing

Sometimes it’s hard to define the tugs that one gets in one’s creative efforts. But yesterday I did a quick doodle, doodling is often the first step in brainstorming for me. I think I was thinking about the dance last friday. I like dances, but the dancing at most dances of I’ve been to… well… I enjoy it, but really it can hardly be called ‘dancing.’ But I’ve taken a few Ballroom Dance classes, and when you learn and understand even just the basic steps, that’s when dancing becomes magical. So that thought, along with my recent encounters with fairy tales by way of Mirror Mirror and suchlike, turned into a doodle of a princess in a big dress holding hands with her prince charming.

So I did that dooodle, and then I started doing some other doodles, but I kept looking back at that one doodle. And then I finished with the page I was on, and I thought I would start working on another one. But then I kept looking back at that doodle. I want you to know, this is really annoying when something like that happens. You get stuck on an idea that you didn’t think you would choose. I wasn’t sure about this one because it seemed so… I don’t know, juvinille? Cliche? I don’t know, I wasn’t sure I wanted to make another princess picture. Besides, in the doodle I purposely gave her one of those rediculously big dresses, the ones with the poofy huge skirts. And while it looked nice in a doodle, I really wasn’t sure how it would translate to a full-sized image.

But it kept nagging at me, so right now I’m trying to translate that doodle to a full sized image. But it’s not coming as easily as I would like. That’s the annoying part, when a doodle tugs at your mind, but doesn’t have the decency to flow into a drawing. And that happens sometimes. Doodles are so much easier, much more relaxed and less restrained. I’m having a hard time convincing myself to keep at this drawing.

In the meantime, I’m watching a documentary on James Christensen, an artist with quite a unique style. I definatly wouldn’t be as into his art if I didn’t understand more about him and what he uses as symbols and stuff like that. WHen I think of it, I don’t know if I use a lot of symbolism in my art. There is the phoenix- symbol of new life. Butterflies are what I do for dreams.

Oh that reminds me, I had a really interesting dream last night. I wish I could remember more 🙁 I remember there was a strange house in there, where you had to be careful not to wonder off by yourself or strange things would happen to you and you would be lost, I think it was supposed to be sort of like a wonderland. Then I think the dream shifted scenes, and the other place was a library. There was something to do with a diary and a ring near the end, but that’s when I woke up. Oh if there was some way to bring back lost dreams… that would be lovely. That’s what dream catchers ought to do. Capture the dream so it doesn’t escape, and then you can have it again if you want. I hate forgetting dreams that I liked, and I’m pretty sure I like this one.