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Ack! Time goes by so fast!

Well, I didn’t get a lot of rest last night. I got plenty of sleep. But my dream included a murder mystery (with the detective being Sharpay from High School Musical) and witnessing death by suffocation and drowning. So…. yeah, I do not feel very well rested at all. And I stayed in bed later than I should, hoping to finish my dream on a different note.

On to more pleasent things, Dad wanted to do something with the family yesterday. He usually likes to do something with the family, which is one of the reasons why he’s awesome. He ended up taking us to see Wreck it Ralph. It was especially interesting given Dad’s line of work. Dad knows a lot about arcade games. In fact, when we watched the trailer and saw Cubert, Dad was able to recognize him. None of the rest of us knew who he was. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie (and I positively adored the short at the beginning) and it was good to have that before Jasmine and I leave. You know, in like…. two days.

Time just goes by way too fast these days. Not that I mind going back to school, I love being a student. It’s just… I have stuff I can do here, you know? Like writing.

I told you that I was actually managing to write something didn’t I? I still have trouble coming up with my own story, but this is a fairy tale retelling, so the story is already pretty much set up for me. And so far I’ve managed to get over 14, 000 words in it! Before that, my record for a continuous story was nearly 5,000. Lori promised to read what I have before I leave.

It’s just exciting at last be writing something, you know, since I’ve been dabbing into it for a over two years. I’m not planning on being a writer, I don’t even know if I want my family besides my sisters to read what I’m writing. But it fills a sort of yearning of mine to have something complete written. As I said, my goal is to have a collection of these sort stories which I have written. Just for the sake of having them. Which may seem weird to other people, but I’m not going to apologize for it.

Hopefully, I will be able to get more of that writing done today, before I have to move on to things like… packing and stuff.

Girl’s night

Well, my sister and I had some time to ourselves yesterday. It was fun. We discussed games and movie. The usual stuff for us. Movies especially for me. I mean, you have your car fanatics and the sports fanatics and your video game geeks, and then there’s me. I am, shall I say, a major disney fan. As such there are certian movies that I look forward to even while they are in developement. Consider Brave for an example. Ever since this same sister told me that Pixar was going to do a Princess movie, I’ve been keeping my eye on it. I could look at the concept art, but I had to wait before I could see a trialer. Then I saw the trailer, and had to wait for a trailer that wasn’t just a teaser. Then I had to wait for the movie to actually be out in theatres. Then I had to wait until it was in the cheep theatres. Then finally, I was able to see it. Now I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. Then I would have to wait until Dad buys it. So it’s always a long, looking ahead process for me and movies.

But it’s all worth it. Because it’s not just a matter of the movie being great, but then there is the special features and the commentaries and the like, and I love that sort of thing. Currently on our list of ‘to see’ movies, there is The Hobbit (obviously), and then next year Disney is doing an animated movie that I’m looking forward to called Frozen. Based off of the Snow Queen fairy tale. And you know I’m such a sucker for fairy tales. So I’m looking forward to this one. There’s also National Treasure 3, which we are all hoping is better than National Treasure 2.

And we had a good dinner and watched a comedy show together. So all around, it was fun. So we didn’t waste the day while our family was out having fun at a Filk Convention.

Concerning Fairy Godfathers

Being your own cheerleader isn’t easy. But I managed to use the guilty conscience trick to get some work done yesterday. As for how the image looks… I can’t really say as of yet. I’m trying something different, and I really don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

I actually took a break from art yesterday to indulge in a little writing. The first thing I played with was the idea of doing A Christmas Carol, starring Wyvren. I mentioned him briefly before, he’s the older brother of Drako and Kimodo- and he’s the Evil Overlord. He conquered the world when he was 15 and is still ruling now, four years later. Anyway, he would be my Scrooge. I’m still not quite sure how I would go about creating a story like that, but then- it’s a comic. I never once in my comic cared about making sense or anything, which is probably the only reason why I have gotten as far as I have in it.

The other thing I toyed with was an idea I cam up with while watching Gargoyles. See, Puck is punished by Oberon, so that he can’t use magic unless it is for the protecting or teaching of Alexander. So it occured to me, Alexander has a Fairy Godfather. Of course. It makes perfect sense; Fairy Godparents exist as a form of punishment for naughty fairies. So I wanted to play with that idea. But the problem is need a story to play with it in. Best case sceanario, for me, would be to create a grandscale fairy tale world, with all of the old favorites. And Murdock (the Fairy Godfather I created for the purpose of enslaving to some fortunate fairy tale princess) would be mixed in amoung Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jack the Giant Killer, and others.

But of course… I don’t exactly know how to do that. So I just played with it a bit. *Sigh* I could play with it some more, on the assumption that I will get better at creating stories if I practiced. It’s just… harder to feel like you are getting work done when you are still only able to play around with ideas.


Last night I was thinking about how I would like to write a story. Not so much because I like writing, but I like stories- and I would like to have one to play around with. I would really like to write a fairy tale, or a fairy tale retelling, or a story that took place in a world that combined fairy tales.

Well, a lot of my freethinking happens at night, when I’m laying in bed before I go to sleep. And for some reason I was thinking about Scheherazade. It’s not as random as you think. The other day I did a wikipedia search on ‘folklore.’ I just wanted to know what constitutes ‘folklore,’ and if I could find some examples of stories or something. And it had a list of links, to help you understand the differences between fairy tales, fables, myths, ledgends, anecdotes, etc. And somewhere in one of those links, I saw a link to Scheherazade. I knew, of course, that she was she told a thousand stories over a thousand and one nights, so that she wouldn’t be killed by her husband who killed all of his wives the morning after he married. ‘Well that’s pleasent,’ I thought. But I couldn’t quite remember why he had the urge to have all of these beheadings, so I looked it up. Apparently, he was upset because one day he discovered his wife had not been faithful to him. So then he would marry a virgin, and kill her the next day before she could be unfaithful to him.

Apparently, the guy takes the Queen of Hearts solution to his anger management problems.

Anyway, I was thinking about this last night, and I thought that the way you would turn the story into something more kid-friendly was to say that the reason Scheherazade had to tell a thousand tales was not so that she could save her life, but she had to do it to save his life. Save his life from what, you may ask. Well, in my kid-friendly story, the King is just so weighed down with the burden of being king, that he is resolved to run away and join the circus the next day. His wife isn’t too happy when she hears this. They had an arranged marriage, and they didn’t really know eachother beforehand, but the queen- Scheherazade, really likes the King and she doesn’t want him to leave her (the king is totally oblivious to the fact that his wife has a crush on him). So she tells him the stories, and then stops in the middle, so that he doesn’t run away to join the circus the next day so that he can hear the rest of the story. She keeps doing this, and by the time the silly fool catches on, he has started to love his wife too and doesn’t want to leave her.

Yeah, I know. The things I come up with just before dropping off to sleep. Hey, I never claimed stories were my forte. But I typed it up nevertheless. I actually set it up as a sort of frame story. A girl asks her Dad to tell her the story of Scheherazade, and her Dad tells her this story- which he considers more appropriate for a six-year-old than the original. If I ever did come up with more stories, or modified versions of stories, then I figure they would also be told as bedtime stories to her. If the style of the story is different (for instance, I can play one fairy tale retelling straight or do a parody- with a more comic spin to it) then the reason why they are different is because she asked someone else to tell her a story.

I figure if I keep this up… it may be another fifty years before I can create a story (or enough short stories) that’s actually any good. It may only be thirty years before I create some artwork that is really good.

More geekiness- this time about stories

Wow, so Janette Rallison, an author I have mentioned before (also known as C. J. Hill) was doing a book give away on her blog- you leave a comment and random.org will decide who gets the book. And wonder of wonders, I got a book. I tried only for one other book, My Unfair Goodmother (which continues to be my favorite of her books- I heartily recommend it and My Fair Godmother, which comes first). I haven’t gone for any of the other ones because I already have most of my favorite of hers on my kindle. It was actually great to have them while I was in the ‘short story’ section of my English class winter semester. Something I learned: a lot of short stories in litereature are really depressing/ disturbing, so it was great to have some cute romances to save my sanity.

But I tried for this book because it was by Shannon Hale. To my knowledge, I have never read any of her works except the graphic novels Repunzel’s Revenge and Calamity Jack, both of which I enjoyed. Mostly for Jack. But I looked at the two blurbs at the Shannon Hale books on this blook giveaway, and they looked interesting. They seemed to have that fairy tale aspect that I just love in books.

I have a thing for fairy tales and fairy tale retellings. I can get really geeky about them. I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out what the appeal of fairy tales is. But I like what’s said in one of the Special Features of The Princess Bride: “They’re magical. And no one knows why.” And that was William Goldman who said that. So I’m going to leave it at that until I or someone else can really explain why I love it so much in a way that makes sense.

But I will say that some of my favorite books ever are fairy tale retellings. I first started really getting into books with Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I loved those books. In fact, I kept rereading it so much that I’m a bit sick of them. And then as I read more and started compiling a list of ‘favorite books,’ many of them were fairy tale retellings. At the top of the list is The Nightengale, by Kara Dalkey. Also included is Snow white and Rose Red by Patricia C. Wrede, Entwined by Heather Dixon (the Twelve Dancing Princesses), and others. I’ve already mentioned My Fair Godmother and My Unfair Godmother, which is really great if you like to add a modern, teenage romance twist to it- which normally isn’t the sort of thing I go for, but it was pulled off really well here- and as I said, I recommend them.

But I realize, it’s more than fairy tales. Legends, and mythology- those get me too. Love them. I think it was fifth grade when our curriculum first introduced me to Greek mythology. Greek mythology is wierd, but it had stories. And I like the stories. And yet it’s only recently that I’ve started reading the Percy Jackson books. Actually, I listen to them on C.D when I color. I just finished Book 2. Why haven’t I read these sooner? Oh yes, because I watched the movie first. That was a stupid thing to do. No wonder I lost interest. You can’t get all of the stories and mythology into a movie.

And that’s only Greek Mythology. There are whole other cultures with their own myths and legends and stories and it’s really fun to read them. Or to watch them, if Disney or someone else gets a hold of them. I love what they did with Tangled.  I’m SO looking forward to seeing Brave. And I have since before the concept art came out.