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Hectic weekend

It’s been pretty busy. The siblings didn’t have school on Friday, so we’re having a three-day weekend. This was big, of course, because my brother hadn’t been home for long, so of course we had to do things with him and talk with him and stuff. Also, my grandparents and cousin decided to visit for the occasion. So… now we have a lot of people and a lot of stuff going on.


Interestingly enough, I still managed to do a decent amount of artwork yesterday, despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling very much like doing it and that there was so much going on because of my brother. This was mostly because the activities of choice were mainly playing board games and going frisbee golfing, neither of which I find very interesting. That was fine, since I spent a lot of Thursday talking to him, so it gave the rest of my family a chance to spend time with him. So I had some time to myself, and I discovered that Leverage was on Hulu. I could make myself to artwork if I convinced myself not to watch Leverage unless I did so while coloring. My plans for spending time with my brother yesterday were to watch The Hobbit  with him, but my Grandparents arrived in the middle of the troll scene, so we never finished. But that’s okay. Today is my other brother’s birthday. So we’re still going to be busy, but I bet I can find some time to do artwork if I really tried.


As for this latest image, I think it looks kinda pretty. I’m already intensely aware of what I consider to be a flaw in the image though, so it’s hard to be completely satisfied. Nevertheless, I think it will be a worthy addition once I finish it. Finishing it is the problem though. There’s an emotional pay off that comes with completing an image, but recently it’s been harder to feel that payoff. I’m not satisfied with what I create, I’m frustrated because I feel limited in my abilities– not only my artistic ability, but other creative endeavors like writing a story– I feel isolated at times, and sometimes I think I would really just rather settle down with a book for a while.

And then of course, there’s all the distractions this week.


I can’t think of what else to do except push through, realizing that I will find it all worth it next year when I go to school and show off my artwork. And maybe one day I will complete a story.


My brother’s back

My older brother is back from serving a two-year mission.

Yesterday was really fun. I did actually manage to get some artwork done– which was good, because I think in my heart of hearts, if I were really honest with myself instead of lying to myself all the time, what I really wanted to do was read a cute romance. Conveniently, my sister brought home a manga from the library that fit the description perfectly. I am extremely wary of manga and anime in general, but I don’t forbid myself from them. I just wait until my sisters find ones that are actually good. This one, Library Wars, was cute.

In the evening I watched Les Miserables with my Mom and two of my sisters. It ended with us laughing at our own indignation that Javert didn’t get a close-up at the end. Then we hung out a little bit in Mom’s room, chatting about guys with good singing voices and Library Wars and stuff. One of my sisters showed some of her artwork. She’s getting good. This has served as the best motivation I’ve had in a while to work more on my current image, which I did afterwards.

We were all allowed to stay up late so that we could be there when my brother arrived. Now we’re all together again. It’s good.

As for my artwork… I like it well enough I suppose. I just… I get concerned about my work. It’s been a bit hard for me lately, in case you haven’t been able to tell. Discouragement, ailment, and now it’s just hard to have the motivation to work on it. I really would rather sleep or read something cute and sappy. I love artwork, but… it’s rough when you go through all the above, and then you’re not even entirely satisfied with your image. There have been only a few of my works this year that I actually like.

But, what with my brother home, maybe spending time with him and the family will help reinvigorate me so I can produce lots of beautiful work.

The transition stage

Those of you looking for an explanation behind The Seer’s Pool, it’s in the post down below.

I like it a bit better now that I’ve had time to sleep on it. Still, I’m not quite at the level that I would like to be at– notwithstanding the compliments I’ve been getting from people. I need that encouragement from other people to keep doing my work, but the fact that they like the image doesn’t really help me to like it more. I just get a boost of energy that makes me want to start the next work so that I can do better. Yesterday I was so exhausted after having finished that image. I was completely drained, because I struggled a lot with it and it still wasn’t as brilliant as I wanted it to be. So I took a nap, which threw me off for the rest of the day but at the end I pulled myself together and created a concept sketch for my next image. As Shakespeare would say, all’s well that ends well (although I shall never think of that phrase in the same way since I’ve seen the actual play under that title.)

But moving on to more temporal matters. My family is in a weird transition stage. Two of us are collage students, one of us is due to graduate next year, and one has been a missionary for the last two years and will be returning shortly. He’ll work for about a year before returning to school. This creates an interesting sort of dynamic. For example, suddenly a greater majority of the family is becoming more financially conscience and concerned about the future. It’s good to know I’m not the only in the family who has that tendency, though I’m sure we’ll be fine. There’s also the fact that we’ll be going our own separate ways soon enough, so this is the time to be doing things together as a family while we’re all still here. That’s part of the reason why this October was going to be so… full.

Hah, and they said that being a teenager was hard.

Still, I’m grateful that I do get to be here and have movie nights with my sisters and stuff. I’m grateful for Dad’s homemade pizza and for Autumn in Ohio. I’m grateful for Studio C and their dedication to providing clean entertainment and to the Piano guys for producing uplifting music. I’m grateful that my parents are working together to help Mom get her work out there into the world. I’m also grateful that said parents have been supporting me in the development of my talents. Life is still good.

Hello my people

I have internet again. And I’ve got some down time. It’s been busy since last I chatted. For all of that, I don’t feel like I have much to say.

I will say that I’m looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow. Those are my people, you know? The summer is not far from being over, and I still haven’t seen them yet. I look forward to the time when I’ll be able to do stuff with them again. Mostly watching movies. What can I say? That’s how I like to spend time with people, watching movies and chatting all throughout and after. And even though I’ve had a pretty interesting adventure out here in the west, I honestly feel–

You don’t believe me yet, do you?

I’ll continue anyway.

– I honestly feel like the best part is going to be when I can be with my immediate family again, and we can hang out like we always do; trips to Cedar Park, watching movies, making popcorn, showing off our creations, and suchlike. Really, you don’t a major vacation to spend quality time with the family– even though that’s good fun and can get you out to see a lot of cool stuff. But if you think family time has to be something big, you’re not going to be very effective in establishing those bonds.

You just need to find your niche. For instance, when I was a kid the ‘family’ thing to do was play a board game together. I found out I wasn’t really into board games. I like watching movies with my family. Now, not everybody likes to watch movies with me. But that’s okay. That’s why you do several different things. Some people can play the board games, while others watch the movie or make the popcorn. Let’s not all try to fit one mold here, but go out in a number of different directions so we can reach out to all of our family members. It’ll be harder for some than others, but that doesn’t mean you love them less.

So… it’s been a while

Hi, I’m back.

What should I talk about? I’m pretty sure there was something I was going to say. Probably about a comment I got yesterday from my great-aunt. She said she was impressed with how close my sister and I were, like we were best friends, and you can’t say that of a lot of sisters.

It was good to hear. I’ve felt that I have a good relationship with all of my family members. I wish I could share with you guys how that came to happen, but it’s not so easy as all of that. With this sister… I don’t know. We watch things together, we play a few of the same games, we talk, we joke around. We’ve actually accumulated a few inside jokes. These days, for instance, we greet each other by saying “Duel Destinies.” This is a reference to our anticipation for the upcoming Phoenix Wright Game, fifth in the canon, called Duel Destinies. Whenever we weren’t sure what to say to each other, we’d bring that up. It was something we knew we could both talk about. And besides, it was nice to think about Duel Destinies when we were really stressed out (which became a bit frequent). It meant we could think about something we were sure to enjoy, something we’d probably be able to have in the not-too-distant future.

When people hear that I room with my sister, we get comments like “My sister and I would kill each other if we were in the same room.” I think it kind of sad. But what can you do about it, you know? I think the only way I can retaliate is to continue being really good friends with all of my family members. I don’t really understand all of them, but I don’t think that should prevent us from being able to have a good time together. It would be too inconvenient to put barriers between yourself and somebody you are so closely connected to.

So… have a laugh or two with your family. Then build a reservoir of those laughs. Have fun with it.

Duel Destinies.


In previous posts I have mentioned my excitement about the release of Phoenix Wright 5 in the United States. I e-mailed my brother about it, and his response was; “I think for you the anticipation is probably as fun as the game.” I suppose it’s true to some extent, but it’s strange isn’t it? You would think that waiting for something but not having it yet would be torture.


There must be some sort of rhyme or reason to this, but I can’t be sure of what it is. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I started to enjoy the anticipation partly out of… convenience. The best illustration I can give of this is with movies. I love to watch movies, and when I was young I would get excited about movies that were coming out. But going to the theatre would be a bit too expensive for a family of eight to do more than once or twice a year. So we would have to wait for the movie to get into theaters. And then we would wait for it to come out on DVD. And then we would wait for the library to get it. And then we would wait until we could check it out. Over time we’ve learned to enjoy the process a little bit.

Back home we have ‘request parties,’ where the Wielder of the Library Card would get onto the library website, and the rest of the family would list all of the books and movies they were interested in, and then they would be requested. Then, based on rough calculations of when the library would receive these requests, we would  plan library trips and possibly movie nights.


But this happens with other things as well, right? I mean, think about waiting for Christmas. Or Summer Break. You can… plan things. When I was a kid, I’d make really big ‘to do’ lists for Summer Break to ensure I don’t get bored. I think they included things like ‘watch movies,’ ‘draw pictures,’ and ‘do puzzles.’ Around Christmas I would plan Christmas activities, like decorating my room and making Christmas presents for my siblings. Do you know that I still do sometimes make Christmas presents for my siblings? They’re much more sophisticated, of course. Last year I made a comic for my sister. I’m still happy I did that.


The point is, I am glad that we can learn to wait, and even take some pleasure in the waiting. I think to anticipate something could be a good thing. We learn patience, and we enjoy it. I can… be moved to action while we wait, if that makes sense, when we anticipate something. And learning to do so… that’s a talent that’s hard to recognize we have sometimes.

What I did for the last… six hours or so

I don’t know quite how it happened, but from lunch until dinnertime I ended up reading aloud a comedy romance teen fiction novel to my entire family. I knew it to be funny, cute, and clean- and it sort of took place around Christmas, so I figured it would be good holiday reading material. In fact, it was Thanksgiving break, after I finished reading aloud another book by the same author, that we decided I would read aloud this book during Thanksgiving break.

So it was going to be me and two other sisters listening to me as I read in the living room. But we have kind of a small house, so when you read in the living room, a lot of people can hear pretty clearly (especially since I have a loud reading voice). That’s why I went to Mom’s room and asked if I should shut her door, in case she didn’t want to listen to it. But she told me to leave it open. Eventually she came out to the living room. Four hours into the venture, even my brother had joined to listen.

The really awkward moment was when Dad came home. Dad is usually in the living room when he gets home, entertaining himself or doing work- and Dad isn’t the sort of guy I would pick to read a teenage comedy romance book to. But everybody else was already well stationed in the living room and told me to continue.

So I did. I read the whole book. All I can say is- if laughter really is healthy for you, we might be able to ward off the flu for a while yet.

I guess it’s one of those strange, cool things that happens every once in a while. I certainly thought it was fun.


I still feel sorry for my dad for putting up with it (but I guess it’s okay, even he laughed a few times).


And there’s more good news, I finished with my secret project. All in all, not a bad day 🙂

New Image: Sol

Her name is Sol. Because she’s my little light. My sister tells me that that it looks like something to do with the sun, and Sol is the spanish word for sun (which I’ve always loved because of the play on ‘soul’).

She was great to do. She turned out pretty good for one that didn’t take all that long to do.

I finished her yesterday while watching some videos from the Riverside Shakespeare Theatre youtube channel. First Much Ado About nothing, then The Taming of the Shrew and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was an enjoyable way to spend Thanksgiving. But we’ve been doing family activities as well. There’s the hike we went on yesterday, and today we had a Dance Dance Revolution party. Later on, we’ll be picking up some requests from the library. All in all, a great vacation and a wonderful way to recharge after a time of discouragement.

Family time

This is possibly the best family photo we’ve had in years. We never have our pictures professionally taken, practically all our family photos are taken using the a ten second timer, and Dad scrambling to get in the picture on time. Then of course, someone will be looking away, have their eyes closed, or is not smiling. This we took on our family outing, a hike through an indian mound reserve not even twenty minutes away from home driving. It’s one of our favorite places to go for a family outing. We are actually standing on a slope, with the camera set on the ledge of a rock. I had to crop out the patch of moss that is sitting right in front of the lense. So… not the best of photos, but better than we usually have and I like it. I’m the one on the far right.

Girl’s night

Well, my sister and I had some time to ourselves yesterday. It was fun. We discussed games and movie. The usual stuff for us. Movies especially for me. I mean, you have your car fanatics and the sports fanatics and your video game geeks, and then there’s me. I am, shall I say, a major disney fan. As such there are certian movies that I look forward to even while they are in developement. Consider Brave for an example. Ever since this same sister told me that Pixar was going to do a Princess movie, I’ve been keeping my eye on it. I could look at the concept art, but I had to wait before I could see a trialer. Then I saw the trailer, and had to wait for a trailer that wasn’t just a teaser. Then I had to wait for the movie to actually be out in theatres. Then I had to wait until it was in the cheep theatres. Then finally, I was able to see it. Now I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. Then I would have to wait until Dad buys it. So it’s always a long, looking ahead process for me and movies.

But it’s all worth it. Because it’s not just a matter of the movie being great, but then there is the special features and the commentaries and the like, and I love that sort of thing. Currently on our list of ‘to see’ movies, there is The Hobbit (obviously), and then next year Disney is doing an animated movie that I’m looking forward to called Frozen. Based off of the Snow Queen fairy tale. And you know I’m such a sucker for fairy tales. So I’m looking forward to this one. There’s also National Treasure 3, which we are all hoping is better than National Treasure 2.

And we had a good dinner and watched a comedy show together. So all around, it was fun. So we didn’t waste the day while our family was out having fun at a Filk Convention.