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“When you are famous” = ?

While I was at school for the past half year, I haven’t had much time for doing art, but I did do these silhouette images below. I actually did five, but my roommate liked one of them so much that she asked if she could have it (she was so cute and tentative, but it was all okay because I was going to give it to her anyway). Later she came back and said, “You didn’t sign it.”

“You want me to sign it?”

“Yeah, so when you’re famous- I can prove I had some of your early stuff.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a comment like this. I’m pretty sure my spanish teacher in High School did the same thing when I let her keep my El Dio de los Muertos art project. Classmates have also said, “one day I will say- ‘I know that artist!'” Furthermore, I’ve had teachers think that I could illustrate children’s books- and a few who think I could write my own children’s books and then illustrate them.

And my reaction is to look at them wonderingly. Famous? Artist? Children’s books? Maybe this is because I grew up on Grame Base, but what on earth makes them think I’m good enough to do children’s books? Every once in a while I want to announce, “May I remind the general public that I am not an Art Major or even a Minor?” Though to be fair to the poeple from my high school, they didn’t know what my major would and wouldn’t be. Niether did I. But when I visited the high school last summer during open house I told my old Chemistry teacher that I was considering a Humanities Major. You should have seen his face, he was so taken aback. “Really?” was his reaction. Maybe he thought I would be a Chemistry major. Or, given how often I worked on art in his class (what could I say? Art class was right before Chemistry) maybe he also thought I’d do something with art. I will point out that technicoloy Humanities does deal with art, just not mine.

Sorry, that was a bit of a tangent. The point is that I think too many overestimate my skill, possibly because they themselves haven’t persued art. On the other hand, perhaps I’m underestimating my skill. I think I have a tendency to be hard on myself. And while I don’t think that ‘becoming famous’ is what’s in store for me, I would like to do something with my art. What, exactly, I do not know. So far I have given away a few doodles here and there (like the afore mentioned silhouette picture to my roommate), and I’ve created a Zazzle store (I’ll explain later) which has mainly been used to have calanders with my images on them. My grandmother just sent me an e-mail today telling me she enjoys the one we sent her. And then a few T-shirts here and there and…. that’s it.

Maybe I will be able to expand and do more things with my artwork. But don’t expect any children’s books is what I’m saying.


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