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New Image: Tamara Lynn

Only  TWO DAYS to color this. That almost never happens. I wish I had more artwork like this.

This is inspired by the story of Tam Lin– where a girl saves a guy from the fairies by holding onto him while he goes through a series of animal transformations. I did a gender flip for this image, which I think works thematically. I could be wrong, but I think woman tend to be more changeable in moods and behaviors, and some guys are wonderful because they bear it patiently.



Everything was much wilder in the doodle. Color tends to tame things a bit. It looks almost serene, even though it was inspired by a lot of chaos. Tamara’s dress was actually easier to color than the background. There’s some nice, recognizable animal elements in there. When I finished, she actually reminded me of what an animal deity from a different culture might look like- especially with all the colors. That’s alright, I think she still looks cool.

I’m pleased with this image, perhaps in part because I finished it so quickly, so I never lost the hype I got from the concept, when I looked at the doodle thinking, “This could be so cool.” It would be great if most of my artwork was like this, and I could make a lot of beautiful artwork in a shorter amount of time.


Last time, with Shifter, I didn’t get a lot of response, except from my good friend who I emailed it to. I kind of hope I get more for this one. Not because I need the attention, but I like it, so I want other people to like it.


I wonder what great thing I’ll do next?

Brush off the dust

I was a little cranky yesterday. But I found that even while I was feeling discouraged, I couldn’t keep ideas for future art projects from coming to my head. I didn’t want to stop doing artwork. I can’t quit. Even though I don’t always understand why I’m doing this, even though I struggle at times, I can’t bring myself to stop. I may as well keep going full speed ahead, especially since it takes me so long to learn. But I’m thinking that maybe if I do watercolors, those might get done faster than colored pencil, so I can improve more rapidly in that area at least.

Ah yes, along with that image I was rather disappointed with, I posted this on Facebook.



This was a watercolor work I did not long ago. It was inspired by a couple of desktop wallpapers that I have. Remember that I try to find inspiring images, and then I make them into desktop wallpapers, and I set my wallpaper to change every minute or so, in order to receive all the different images I find inspiring, and keep thing going through my head so that I can incorporate them into my artwork. Some images were watercolors that with a really simple sort of backdrop, which seemed to me to create a dreamy sort of atmosphere, a kind of space-less environment. Another image that influenced this work was a screenshot I took of the trailer for Rise of the Guardians, when Sandy is using his sleep dust to form giant golden dinosaurs. It’s nice to have this image, especially since it didn’t take much work or time to do.

I’m going to keep doing artwork. Somehow I’ll find a place for it in this world.

Inspiration and creative environment

Your environment really does have an effect on you. It does. And I’ve always loved the idea of living in a creative environment. You know, like writers or artists say they like to collect nick-nacks because that’s one of those things that puts them in a creative environment. Well, I don’t have much by the way of wall decorations or nick-knacks. But I too experience that desire for being in a creative environment. So… I go hunting for a bunch of desktop wallpaper

For the past few weeks, I’ve just used the desktop images that come with the computer. I don’t like it. Nothing stimulating at all. So generic. I wanted something more personal and inspiring.

So I’ve been on the hunt for desktop wallpaper images that might inspire me or put me in a creative mood. For instance, I have an image from Paperman, the animated short at the beginning of Wreck-it Ralph. It is the CUTEST animated short I have ever seen in my life. So darling. And I liked the graphics. So that’s inspiring to me. So is Tangled and Brave. But I also have things like… impressionist paintings. Or american romantic landscapes. Van Gogh’s Starry Night, I’ve always thought that made a cool desktop wallpaper.

It’s fun to kind of reflect and find out what you find inspiring. For me I said Disney. Broadway Musicals. Graeme Base picture books. The Piano Guys. Beethoven’s Last Night. Calvin and Hobbes. Mythology and folklore. Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope. It is so much to think of these things, and so important. I think that inspiration is something essential in our lives. So it’s wonderful to have that in one’s environment.

Creative space- creative solutions

Well, I couldn’t be inspired by a new episode of Art.Work. So instead I watched a few episodes of a show called Turning Point. The episode I watched was called Irish Men’s Sheds. Basically, a bunch of sheds, I guess they were like workshops, were set up around Ireland. Reason being, unemployment is “rediculously high,” and with it the suicide rates amoung men. The idea is that they need something to work on, and while they’re working they are more open and talk more easily and they get to share good company. So while they work on their various projects, fixing furniture or cars or whatever, they get to socialize and get things done so they feel better about themselves. I thought it was really cool; people need to work, to feel worth, and if you’re doing it with others and get to learn new skills… all the better.

So I was thinking about the sheds and it got me thinking about Creative Space. Sometimes a sense of organization, or having your own nook to work on things can help you stayed focus. And as I watched the episode, it occured to me how I could make my room more space efficient and have a more organized workspace. I moved my mini-bookshelf onto the table I work with. I dont’ use the whole table you see except for when things just pile up, and I don’t use the bookshelf much either. So by having them together, I can shelve my art stuff and have more space in my room. All the time I was reorganizing and setting it up, I couldn’t help but think “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!” It’s so sad when you get cool ideas, then realize you could have had the benefits for much longer if you had just come up with them sooner.



Another episode I watched of Turning Point was one where an engineer figured out how to make wheelchairs using lawn chairs and bicycle wheels- so that it only cost 60$ to make them and he donates them to third world countries. I thought that was cool too, because of the creativity; seeing a problem that maybe not a lot of people are aware of (people who can’t walk, but can’t afford thousand dollar wheelchairs), and then coming up with a solution. “Go engineers!” that’s what I say.

And… I’m not doing anything quite as cool as the Wheelchair Guy or the Irish Shed Guy, but it did help motivate me to do more of my artwork. I worked on Repunzel Unleashed. It’s not my favorite, and I’m still debating whether or not I like it. I don’t see why anybody else would. But hey, I was able to work and get through something. And that’s good. Until I can get a new idea for an image, my plan is just to go through my backburner projects, maybe try to redo a few or be fuled by those ideas, and get at least something done. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, because you learn something even from the things that aren’t masterpieces. Like Repunzel Unleashed.

Anyway, the fact is that I’m less frustrated, and I like my new working space. I’m so thankful for these inspiring documentaries that I can watch. I like to think that if I let all of the inspiration cook inside my mind for a couple years, eventually I could do something cool. Maybe not that big though, just some small, simple contribution.