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The different goals

Sometimes it occurs to me how people vary in the goals they set. For instance, the one might set a goal along the lines of, “get a book published.” Whereas mine sounds more like, “Actually come up with a story, and write it.” And some will challenge themselves to become skilled enough in their craft that they can make a fair increase in their Etsy store. My hope: to create artwork that I don’t get ashamed of within a few days of having it as my desktop wallpaper. Oh, and having a few sales on Zazzle would be nice. Better if it was not sold to myself or a family member.

It would be nice to think that my skills could one day be marketable. But I think I have family members who believe it of me more than I do myself. Right now, I’d be satisfied just to come up with a story, or create artwork that I don’t have to shudder at a year later. But I do also want my work to be useful. Surely there are ways. If I got good at movie making, maybe I could create book-trailers for my Mom’s e-book store once she has it set up. But it doesn’t seem likely to happen- I’m not as in to movie-making as I am with other things. There are so many elements that go into a movie as it is not even funny- video clips, music, scripting, cinematography, how does one keep track of all of that and get good at it?

So my first and foremost goal is to get good at something- probably art. As for creative writing, I haven’t even got a story- so I can’t go so far as to actually try to be good at writing. A story must exist first, and I have such hard time with those. But I like to think that I’ve made some progress in the last… oh, four years that I’ve been dabbing into it.

Just give me another twenty more years of my life, then maybe I’ll have something.

New horizons

Today I spent the morning doing some movie making, trying to put together a funny video. My sister and I tried doing this years ago, it turns out it’s hard to be funny sometimes. But I had an idea, and I decided to see if I could make it. If I get enough ideas like that, maybe I could come up with something.

Besides, I’ve been trying to do all of my computer work while the siblings are at school. My sister uses my laptop a lot to write her story. I figure, I can still do artwork while she’s on my computer. So the things I need my computer for, like movie making, should be done while the kids are at school.

Speaking of artwork, I’ve been looking into ‘negative painting’ a little more. I think I want to try it sometime soon. My goodness, there’s so much to learn. That’s why I’ve recently come to view art as an exploration. In multiple ways. I mean, you’re finding out what you can bring out of yourself, and you are also finding different mediums and techniques with which to express that…. inner-ness.

I hope that eventually all this… exploration and trying to broaden my horizons in the realm of art and otherwise… will lead to something. That I can… do things with what I learn. But that’s what the annoying thing is, you can never tell. People like to think they have their futures planned out, but that rarely does much good- does it? So I have to just learn what I can and have faith that it will all work out. I’ve never been especially good at that, which is why I get anxious and worry that I’m wasting my time and not doing anything that will ultimately be useful.



It’s the moments

I didn’t get much done yesterday by the way of getting more artwork started or anything. I worked a little bit on the movie Lori and I are making. It’s shaping up so that we have a fairly good idea what the first two minutes will be like! We just need a bit more Lissa footage. I’m betting Lori will be part of the music, for the most part. I’m going to be doing a fair amount of putting the different bits of footage together, and we both come up with ideas and do the filming and such.

Anyway, so I worked a little bit on that, discussed Lori’s story a little bit, and supposedly watched The Princess Bride with Lissa. She wanted to watch a movie because she wasn’t feeling welll and had spent most of the day napping. So we started watching it, and I think Lissa left partway through. Afterwards, my visiting aunt talked about her story ideas. I’m surrounded by them! All these people with story ideas.

But the part of yesterday that I really liked was after a few minutes of laying down in bed, I heard Dad listening to music in the living room that sounded like it was music by The Piano Guys (if you don’t know them, check out their music videos on YouTube, they are AMAZING). But it wasn’t one I had heard before, so I went to the living room and asked if they had made a new music video. Apparently, it was an old one- but I missed it because it wasn’t on The Piano Guys’s channel. So for the next… hour, maybe? I hung out in the living room while Dad pulled up all these other Piano Guys videos. So I went to bed really late, but I don’t think Dad’s going to complain 🙂 It reminded me of the times Dad would sit me down and pull up different Trans Siberian Orchestra music, or the time I needed 80’s music for a History project I did in high school.