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The Hobbit- a beautiful movie

Oh can words express?

The Hobbit was a beautiful movie. Oh I wish my family had seen it, so I can talk with them about it. It was truly lovely.

It’s so hard to gush over things in print, sometimes. It seems unnatural. It is better, of course, to talk with other people about it. So perhaps I will not make this very long, even though I have much to say. First of all…. I LOVE the dwarfish singing! Of course, I knew that from the preview. But they kept the song about breaking Bilbo’s dishes! I was so happy! I had hoped they would keep that in. Ah I love Thorin’s voice, I love the singing! Actually, the music in general was just divine. And it’s so lovely to hear those old themes; the shire, mordor, etc. And the new theme… Love it to death. Also, I love the brown wizard, I forget his name, and his…. mode of transportation. Gladriel was gorgeous. It was so good to see the elves again! I look forward to seeing the other elves in the coming movies. Ah, Rivendelle, so wonderful to be back… and to know that Bilbo will see it again. The locations… all of them…. beautiful. And I liked the trolls- they were funny. They were supposed to be. I love watching the dwarves fight… and eat. They’re so coordinated in both activities.

And I liked Bilbo too. Especially that dubious look he gives Gandalf when he first meets him. It was truly a lovely moment when Bilbo is standing in front of a fallen Thorin.

More than in Lord of the Rings, I like the tone of The Hobbit. It’s… an adventure story. But it’s not saving the world, it’s reclaiming home. And that gives a good, emotional core for the movie.

Basically, I loved it. How can you top this?

What if Peter Jackson directed The Prydain Chronicles?


Ack! Time goes by so fast!

Well, I didn’t get a lot of rest last night. I got plenty of sleep. But my dream included a murder mystery (with the detective being Sharpay from High School Musical) and witnessing death by suffocation and drowning. So…. yeah, I do not feel very well rested at all. And I stayed in bed later than I should, hoping to finish my dream on a different note.

On to more pleasent things, Dad wanted to do something with the family yesterday. He usually likes to do something with the family, which is one of the reasons why he’s awesome. He ended up taking us to see Wreck it Ralph. It was especially interesting given Dad’s line of work. Dad knows a lot about arcade games. In fact, when we watched the trailer and saw Cubert, Dad was able to recognize him. None of the rest of us knew who he was. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie (and I positively adored the short at the beginning) and it was good to have that before Jasmine and I leave. You know, in like…. two days.

Time just goes by way too fast these days. Not that I mind going back to school, I love being a student. It’s just… I have stuff I can do here, you know? Like writing.

I told you that I was actually managing to write something didn’t I? I still have trouble coming up with my own story, but this is a fairy tale retelling, so the story is already pretty much set up for me. And so far I’ve managed to get over 14, 000 words in it! Before that, my record for a continuous story was nearly 5,000. Lori promised to read what I have before I leave.

It’s just exciting at last be writing something, you know, since I’ve been dabbing into it for a over two years. I’m not planning on being a writer, I don’t even know if I want my family besides my sisters to read what I’m writing. But it fills a sort of yearning of mine to have something complete written. As I said, my goal is to have a collection of these sort stories which I have written. Just for the sake of having them. Which may seem weird to other people, but I’m not going to apologize for it.

Hopefully, I will be able to get more of that writing done today, before I have to move on to things like… packing and stuff.

Girl’s night

Well, my sister and I had some time to ourselves yesterday. It was fun. We discussed games and movie. The usual stuff for us. Movies especially for me. I mean, you have your car fanatics and the sports fanatics and your video game geeks, and then there’s me. I am, shall I say, a major disney fan. As such there are certian movies that I look forward to even while they are in developement. Consider Brave for an example. Ever since this same sister told me that Pixar was going to do a Princess movie, I’ve been keeping my eye on it. I could look at the concept art, but I had to wait before I could see a trialer. Then I saw the trailer, and had to wait for a trailer that wasn’t just a teaser. Then I had to wait for the movie to actually be out in theatres. Then I had to wait until it was in the cheep theatres. Then finally, I was able to see it. Now I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. Then I would have to wait until Dad buys it. So it’s always a long, looking ahead process for me and movies.

But it’s all worth it. Because it’s not just a matter of the movie being great, but then there is the special features and the commentaries and the like, and I love that sort of thing. Currently on our list of ‘to see’ movies, there is The Hobbit (obviously), and then next year Disney is doing an animated movie that I’m looking forward to called Frozen. Based off of the Snow Queen fairy tale. And you know I’m such a sucker for fairy tales. So I’m looking forward to this one. There’s also National Treasure 3, which we are all hoping is better than National Treasure 2.

And we had a good dinner and watched a comedy show together. So all around, it was fun. So we didn’t waste the day while our family was out having fun at a Filk Convention.

Life as of now

As of now, I’m taking a break from the image I am working on. It looks like I’m going, once again, for visual impact with lots of color. What can I say? It’s what I’m ‘good’ at. But it’s tricky to manage, and because of the nature of the image, I’m kind of making it up as I go along, and the process is a bit irritating. Furthermore, I’m getting to be rather aggrivated with my cellphone. Not outwardly, of course, but it’s always annoying to have little problems like that nibbling at the back of your head.

But I try to push aside those feelings. After all it is the weekend, and there are much pleasenter things to meditate on. For instance, I watched Thor yesterday- on account of Thor being one of my favorites in The Avengers. Reason being a) he has one of the best lines of the move (‘he’s adopted’) and b) his presence is one of the few things that makes Loki less of a flat villian, their relationship gives Loki more demention. I enjoyed Thor, and thought that Loki was a much better villian in this move than in The Avengers. He had more demention, he was more interesting, he was also less evil. Besides that, the movie overall was funnier than the Avengers, and relied less on explosions and battles to make things interesting.

And yet, as much relish as I get from contemplating character developement, potential for redemption, and inner emotional turmoil, it’s a bit hard to apprecaite that sort of thing when you have a nagging feeling that you ought to be doing some work. Not because you have to. I can come up with plenty of excuses for me to take a break; the fact that it’s what the rest of my family is doing, the fact that it’s the weekend, the fact that I will work better if I take a break every once in a while, and so on. But sometimes you feel like you ought to be working, simply because there is nothing in particular that you want to do- including recreational things.

I’m not sure if I made that quite clear, but no doubt there is someone in the world who understands. I shall take comfort that thought.

Good news all around

So for Kiddo’s birthday, we got him The Avengers. I have to admit, I was a bit doubtful for the first fifteen minutes in the movie. When Iron man showed up it was like “Good, we get some laughs.” Then Thor showed up and the whole movie got better. It was okay as an action flick (but really, explosions and gun fights get really old really quickly for me), but what makes it a good movie is going to be the characters and the funny lines. And if those weren’t played well- it wouldn’t be that much of a movie. Explosions really really fail to impress anymore. They’re nothing new. If you want an action flick to appeal to me, try a bit of good old PG swashbuckling. But we had fun anyway and got some good laughs. My favorite is Thor, followed by Iron man, and then The Hulk.

And I am making progress on my next image. I hope it’s good progress, but it’s really hard to tell until it starts coming together, and I’m kind of jumping around the place with my coloring- since I’m not exactly sure what to do until I start doing it. I got a fair amount done yesterday. I hope to be able to convince myself to do a fair amount today as well. I’ve discovered that I can watch Gargoyles while coloring- and as I have said, it helps to have something new to watch while you color. I find the references to Shakespeare particularly interesting. Like the four-episode arch with Macbeth. But I also got to see an episode with Puck. My brother showed me this episode before, because he knew I had a fondness for Puck. And he was definately fun. I’m also interested by the fact that one of the villians got married, and his wife is now expecting. Evil Genius Junior. It should be fun.

To top it off, I think I have the cellphone issue fairly well cleared up.

Yes, and I am determined that today shall be a good day- one in which I will get a lot of work done I hope. I got to keep these images coming so I can have plenty of options for my 2013 calendars.


Past the block?

Well, I started a new image today. What a releif. I don’t know if I really have a masterpiece in the making, but it will keep me occupied and I’m satisfied to have started it at least. The idea came from a doodle I did last semester. I must have been in a strange mood that day. I even remember which class it was- Homer to Tolkien- in which I did the doodle. But I was doodling and something in my mind must have said, “Hey! People are vertical, and so are trees- so let’s do some wierd abstracty thing combining the two.” The thing is, I’ve tried to make a full sized image of that doodle before, but it didn’t work out too well, because I didn’t have the original doodle to reference. This time I did. This is going to be one of my more… unusual pictures. It could be pretty cool if I work the colors right. If not- it will be merely ‘interesting.’

This time around I had the pleasure of watching Emma while I colored. Emma is a good movie to watch while coloring. I forced my sister to watch it >:) because I simply had to have somebody squee over Mr. Knightly with me.

As I’ve said before, one of the tricks to doing artwork is having something to watch while you’re doing it. It helps keep you going (I had a hard time continuing to color when the movie was done and my sisters started playing video games). I think I was given the gift of  ‘able to watch movies several times over’ for the strict purpose of making art easier for me. But of course even I have my limits, and my selection of movies has been severely deminished now that our VCR has finally died. But that means I don’t get to watch My Fair Lady, Lady Hawke, or The Princess Bride, amoung others. We dont’ have that wide a selection of DVDs.

But Emma is a charming movie, and it does give me something until I find a new stash of entertainment. Maybe I’ll break into Lissa’s collection of books on CD.