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Beautiful morning

This artwork remains difficult. It could almost look good, almost. But the important thing now is getting done.


It’s so nice that life doesn’t have to be monotonous. Nature conspires against such things. Today it decided produce a beautiful sunrise, and a rainbow.



Family time

This is possibly the best family photo we’ve had in years. We never have our pictures professionally taken, practically all our family photos are taken using the a ten second timer, and Dad scrambling to get in the picture on time. Then of course, someone will be looking away, have their eyes closed, or is not smiling. This we took on our family outing, a hike through an indian mound reserve not even twenty minutes away from home driving. It’s one of our favorite places to go for a family outing. We are actually standing on a slope, with the camera set on the ledge of a rock. I had to crop out the patch of moss that is sitting right in front of the lense. So… not the best of photos, but better than we usually have and I like it. I’m the one on the far right.