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So… it’s been a while

Hi, I’m back.

What should I talk about? I’m pretty sure there was something I was going to say. Probably about a comment I got yesterday from my great-aunt. She said she was impressed with how close my sister and I were, like we were best friends, and you can’t say that of a lot of sisters.

It was good to hear. I’ve felt that I have a good relationship with all of my family members. I wish I could share with you guys how that came to happen, but it’s not so easy as all of that. With this sister… I don’t know. We watch things together, we play a few of the same games, we talk, we joke around. We’ve actually accumulated a few inside jokes. These days, for instance, we greet each other by saying “Duel Destinies.” This is a reference to our anticipation for the upcoming Phoenix Wright Game, fifth in the canon, called Duel Destinies. Whenever we weren’t sure what to say to each other, we’d bring that up. It was something we knew we could both talk about. And besides, it was nice to think about Duel Destinies when we were really stressed out (which became a bit frequent). It meant we could think about something we were sure to enjoy, something we’d probably be able to have in the not-too-distant future.

When people hear that I room with my sister, we get comments like “My sister and I would kill each other if we were in the same room.” I think it kind of sad. But what can you do about it, you know? I think the only way I can retaliate is to continue being really good friends with all of my family members. I don’t really understand all of them, but I don’t think that should prevent us from being able to have a good time together. It would be too inconvenient to put barriers between yourself and somebody you are so closely connected to.

So… have a laugh or two with your family. Then build a reservoir of those laughs. Have fun with it.

Duel Destinies.


In previous posts I have mentioned my excitement about the release of Phoenix Wright 5 in the United States. I e-mailed my brother about it, and his response was; “I think for you the anticipation is probably as fun as the game.” I suppose it’s true to some extent, but it’s strange isn’t it? You would think that waiting for something but not having it yet would be torture.


There must be some sort of rhyme or reason to this, but I can’t be sure of what it is. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I started to enjoy the anticipation partly out of… convenience. The best illustration I can give of this is with movies. I love to watch movies, and when I was young I would get excited about movies that were coming out. But going to the theatre would be a bit too expensive for a family of eight to do more than once or twice a year. So we would have to wait for the movie to get into theaters. And then we would wait for it to come out on DVD. And then we would wait for the library to get it. And then we would wait until we could check it out. Over time we’ve learned to enjoy the process a little bit.

Back home we have ‘request parties,’ where the Wielder of the Library Card would get onto the library website, and the rest of the family would list all of the books and movies they were interested in, and then they would be requested. Then, based on rough calculations of when the library would receive these requests, we would  plan library trips and possibly movie nights.


But this happens with other things as well, right? I mean, think about waiting for Christmas. Or Summer Break. You can… plan things. When I was a kid, I’d make really big ‘to do’ lists for Summer Break to ensure I don’t get bored. I think they included things like ‘watch movies,’ ‘draw pictures,’ and ‘do puzzles.’ Around Christmas I would plan Christmas activities, like decorating my room and making Christmas presents for my siblings. Do you know that I still do sometimes make Christmas presents for my siblings? They’re much more sophisticated, of course. Last year I made a comic for my sister. I’m still happy I did that.


The point is, I am glad that we can learn to wait, and even take some pleasure in the waiting. I think to anticipate something could be a good thing. We learn patience, and we enjoy it. I can… be moved to action while we wait, if that makes sense, when we anticipate something. And learning to do so… that’s a talent that’s hard to recognize we have sometimes.

Lots of little happy things :)

I had a good day yesterday. Mostly because of a bunch of little things.

For instance, I learned that the fifth installment of the Ace Attorney series (a visual novel mystery game, I’m not the biggest video game nerd, but this is one of my favorites, and certainly my favorite for the D.S)  is going to star Phoenix Wright taking place a year after the Apollo Justice game AND they have already announced that it is going to be released in America (which they didn’t do for Investigations 2). Phoenix is awesome, but it for a while it looked like he would never return to court (he’s a defense lawyer who solves mysteries). But he’s coming back!

And then my family went to a ‘Settler’s Celebration’ thing. It was a bit like the Heritage Festival that I volunteered at, but better. We’ve been there before, so we know the good stuff. One of our family’s favorite stations is the cider press, where you make apple cider and then get a sample of your work. And the weather was perfect- the temperature was lovely and there was a bit of wind (and you know how I love wind!)

On the way home we stopped by the library to pick up some requests. One of them was Mirror Mirror. And do you know, I enjoyed it. It was fun and I liked the characters (liking the characters is kind of a big key to me enjoying something). Especially the prince and the dwarves. Ah the prince, regal, dignified (well you have to admit he carries himself well given some of the cirumstances he finds himself in), charming, and has a lovely voice. Wonderful voice. But enough of that, gushing always sounds stupider in writing.

But that’s why yesterday was a good day.