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Awesomeness needs refueling

I really like my latest image. Not only does it look good, but it’s got meaning in it, and it was a bit ambitious for me. I don’t usually involve that many people in one image, which means I’ve also never incorporated such a variety of different poses, they were also in a building, which I don’t normally do. It was fun to conceptualize and fun to see it come together.


However, up until this point I’ve managed to go smoothly from one image to the next. As soon as I finished one, I could start in on another almost right away. I thought it was a bit unusual, last year it would usually take me a while between projects to do some brainstorming for my next image. That changed this past year. But after I finished Masquerade… I didn’t have anywhere to go. It’s like… all the images that I did before this year were building up to this last image, and that was the culminating moment. It turned out wonderfully, to the point where I even liked it while I was doing it, but now that it’s done, the awesomeness gage is low, and it needs refueling.


Even though I feel like Masquerade was, in some way, a culminating moment for my artwork this year, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing artwork for the year. But it’s falling action at this point. I don’t have a lot of time left in the year, and I have even less time to make my artwork available on Zazzle. You know, on the off chance that some crazy person actually wants to give a calendar with my artwork to someone as a Christmas gift. It could happen.



AAAAAAAAAAH! Not even long after I posted this, one of my friends asked if I was still selling prints! HAPPINESS! I love my friends. Their awesomeness gage doesn’t even need refueling, because they can hardly contain all of their awesomeness as it is.


Sold! (or given?)

Sometimes amazing and wonderful things happen.

Like when someone asks if you like to give away your artwork.

So here’s the story: my roommate’s friend and our fellow ward member comes to the apartment to practice a musical number, and she likes my artwork. So I give her one of my prints, and then she asks for permission to get a couple of other works printed up. It’s so wonderful that somebody values my artwork! It makes me want more than ever to produce lots more beautiful artwork.

I was actually thinking about my artwork yesterday before this incident. Well, in truth, I was thinking first about going home. The semester’s almost over, then I’m going to have a month long vacation with extended family and road-tripping and suchlike. That will leave me less time than usual for my artwork. But when I can, I intend to throw myself into that work- just like I’ve been throwing myself into schoolwork this past semester.

I was thinking about branching out a bit. Usually I do images that would be suitable for a calendar. This time I might want to do other things as well. I can do fan art for my Mom’s work, and- if I could actually manage to write a story- I could illustrate my own work. I would really love to create a couple of short-stories, and then have images to go along with them. And it might happen, who knows? I’m sure most of my images will be intended for another calendar, but I also want to apply my work in other directions.

Potential is so exciting.