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Another day :)

So yesterday I was bound and determined to redue one of my backburner projects; Once Upon a Time. Then I threw up. A lot. So, I decided to take it easy yesterday. I even tried to convince myself to stay laying down by playing video games. It turns out, I’m really not that much of a video gamer. Some video games I like; the ones with story and character. But the ones that you can just pick up and drop… what’s the point? Well anyway, I gave up on that pretty quick.

But I was able to see my sister before she had to get ready for the play and I could read to my siblings some more. That was nice. Then after dinner my youngest sister and I set up that extra space I now have in my room full of comfies- blankets and pillows- so we could hang out there and watch online videos from my laptop. It was great, because usually there isn’t a big enough comfortable place for multiple people to watch things on my laptop (I have a small room). The best we had before was my bed, and that was awkward to work with. Especially because my laptop never felt safe on my bed with two or three siblings crowded around it. This way, it can rest on the table I have, and we can see it fine in the newly, cleared out corner. In my mind, I named it after Pooh Corner. Except that since my room is blue, it’s the Blue Corner. Which doesn’t sound really creative. Ah well.

Today I probably could work on Once Upon a Time, except that it’s so much harder to do work over the weekend. It’s been like that with homework too. Just something about having siblings around to distract you. Like today, I was reading a book to my youngest sister; The Knight in Rusty Armor by Robert Fisher. It’s a delightful little book. I think it’s one of those that every child should read at some point, or have read to them. Definately one I hope my kids read.

Oh I could have a list of books I think people should read. Dr. Suess and Greame Base books- that was what was read to me for bedtime stories. Dr. Suess has that charming way with words. And Greame Base’s books are so beautifully illustrated. It makes me happy. The Phantom Tollbooth is a must-read, like the Knight in the Rusty Armor. And then there are some of my favorites, The Prydain Chronicles, The Enchanted Forrest Chronicles, Howl’s Moving Castle, and the like. Oh it’s wonderful having so many books that you just want to share with people. It’s a matter of finding and being with people who can understand. For instance, I wonder how many people in the Xenia Ward Relief Society book club have read The Book of Three. It’d be a bit sad to me if few of them had. I went to one meeting. They were into dystopia books. I’m not into those. I tried another book that was suggested; Fablehaven. Couldn’t get through it. The fantasy setting was nice, but the main characters were aggrivating because they weren’t sensible. At least one of them wasn’t. Always got into trouble, and never seemed to learn from his mistakes. That last bit was the part that irritated me most.

So what if I were going to introduce a book that I think would be cool if everybody else read. “The Book of Three written by Lloyd Alexander. Some consider him to be in the same league as Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, and at the very least he is one of the top fantasy writers from the United States. The Prydain Chronicles are based in Welsh mythology. Fun characters, character development, adventure, humor, romance. No swearing, no PG-13 material. All in all, a good story.” Sounds wonderful to me.

But then, I always am eater to share my opinion on that sort of thing.

Back to the point at hand, I have enjoyed these past few days (passing over the part about me throwing up). I’m loving my new work space. I’m working on some backburner projects, so hopefully I can allow there to me more options in assembling a calandar. Later today, I’ll be seeing the high school’s play. I intend to enjoy myself. Life can be great every once in a while. Especially when you’re reading books aloud to your siblings. That was something I forgot to mention; The Knight in Rusty armer is a 74 page long book in good sized print, but it was actually one of the reading requirements in one of my Humanities class. I wanted to read it to my little sister since I finished reading it myself. So… I’ve been wanting to do this since May.

Life is so fun sometimes.

Oh the irony. Also I learned something yesterday

Well, I’m closing in on the end of my autumn picture. As there is snow blowing past my window. See, this is one of the unfortunate things about the fact that most images take me a couple of days to do. When I started it was all colorful outside. But, alas, my art can’t keep up with the changing of the seasons. Isn’t that a flattering thought.

But if it is any consolation to… myself I guess, I have also started that other idea I talked about yesterday. I don’t know if it’s a keeper yet, but at least the eye looks great.

On a different note, I read a magazine artical on Lloyd Alexander. Apparently he died in 2007. I didn’t know that. One of my favorite authors died and I didn’t know it. The same thing happened with Dianna Wynne Jones. But it was lovely reading about him. And, as always, looking at his face. It is the very picture of Fflewddur Flam. Which is quite the accomplishment, I know of only very few faces that remind me of fictional characters whom I have never seen before. In fact, I’m pretty sure his is the only one. Anyway, I enjoy Lloyd’s books, particularly the Prydain Chronicles. I’m still waiting for somebody to make a live action movie adaption. That would be pretty great. After all, there have been live action adaptions of The Lord of the Rings and Narnia books, so the Prydain Chroncicles ought to be next right? Cheers for high fantasy literature.