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Homemade Christmas gift ideas

I’ve enjoyed giving homemade gifts since I was a kid. My gifts now are a lot more sophisticated than they were back then (beads on a measure of yarn, tied at the ends to create a necklace). I’m not into baubles, which makes a lot of craft books for homemade gifts not very helpful to me. I prefer gifts that entertain, and I work with a low budget. Some that I’ve made in recent years are as follows:

– Audiobooks using a program called Audacity, which can be downloaded for free. It’s extra fun if you stick in music and sound effects. (Here’s a picture of the four I made last year).


Homemade Audiobooks– Christmas Gift


– Comics. Now, mine are drawn, but I have siblings that have done sprite comics before. Those might be considered less daunting. All I really need is paper, sheet protectors, and a binder or folder

– Stories that I wrote. The easiest thing for me to do is write parodies or fairy tale retellings. I also created an amusing nonfiction piece for my roommate on the occasion of her engagement– to tell the story of her courtship through my eyes. It was fun, I stuck in lots of photos and clipart to give it a kind of scrapbook-y feel.




– Calendars with my artwork (photos can work too). I get them printed through an online store called Zazzle. I had a friend draw an illustration of me as a My Little Pony and send it to me in Desktop Wallpaper format, so there are more uses for artwork than calendars.

– Videos. Good for entertaining, informing, or recording.

Thats generally what I do. Other ideas that might work are: recipes, cookie mixes, letters of appreciation, candles, quilts, costumes, and cards. I make cards and valentines the way some people make Facebook memes, so they’re usually fun and funny.


Tangled Valentine


Or they can be sweet.


Father's Day


You can make baubles out of… well, just about anything with a little creativity, but my family usually uses beads or polymer clay.

There’s a lot of sewing projects you can do out of old T-shirts (some you don’t even need to sew, you just need a pair of scissors) that you can look up online.

Conversation jars would be simple enough to make, especially if you have the right sense of humor (personally, I think the concept of a conversation jar is a little appalling, like people aren’t capable of holding conversation without help, but it could be a nice… I don’t know, party game sort of activity).


Have other ideas? Leave a comment.