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The classics

I wish I had a better idea of what this upcoming vacation will be like. I don’t know how much time will be on the road, how much time will be spent at various sites, and how much time will be spent camping or staying at motels. I figure, if a lot of the time will be spent on the road or camping, that would be a good opportunity to do some reading. I have a folder set up on my kindle specifically for reading material for that trip. Mostly it includes stuff in the public domain which I got from Gutenburg, so I can get familiar with some of the classics. At the very least, I want to try out Peter Pan. I’ve watched Hook recently, so this would be a nice way to get closure on that experience. And then I want to have a go at rereading Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass. If I’m feeling ambitious, I will attempt Jane Eyre.

But I also have other books planned, in case I’m not in the mood for classics. Mom’s written a story that I haven’t read yet that I think I’ll like, and it’s possible that I could check out a kindle book from the library. I’m hoping a copy of Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett is available. It can be wonderful reading the Tiffany Aching books… and it is so good to see Granny Weatherwax again.

I just… I dont’ want to waste dead time. If I’m going to be spending a lot of time on the road, it is best I do something productive while I do it. I’m going to regret not taking the chance while I have it.