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Success on an unplanned project!

Today was a good day.


Mind you, it didn’t start out that way. It rained yesterday and the rain froze overnight and got a little snow on top. I was up at 5:45 trying to get the ice off the car so I could take my sister to seminary. Eventually we had to give up, that car is difficult enough even without ice covering it and the road.


There wasn’t much chance of going back to sleep, so I puttered around on my computer before breakfast. I watched Dancing with the Stars, and it was absolutely lovely– with one of the best concepts for a trio dance that I have ever seen. It put me in a really good mood. So much so that I actually did a more thorough job of cleaning the kitchen than I normally do.


When that was done, I got worried that today would turn out to be really unproductive, like yesterday almost did. But instead I found a secluded room, and I recorded myself reading something I wrote weeks ago, a spoof of Sherlock. It’s not a brilliant piece of work, but it is funny. I had intended to put it on a flash drive and give it as a gift for Christmas, but I read through it yesterday and I thought it was a shame it wasn’t an audio recording, things tend to be funnier when they are heard than when they are read. Then I realized… why not? I probably could record it, and then burn it onto a C.D. Today I did the recording. It turned out good, it didn’t even take too long. I got a lot more bang for my buck on this project than I typically get with my artwork or writing comics… and I didn’t even plan on doing it, it just sort of… happened.


So now I’m exhausted (it didn’t take too long, but it was draining enough) but I’m also super excited because of this success, so I’m on an adrenaline rush. Bad combination. Still, it’s opening up new possibilities in my mind. Maybe I can look into comedy, and work on that along with my artwork. I don’t think my skill in either will get me money, but I think it could make people happy and that’s good.


I am so grateful for successes like these. I’m grateful for my creative abilities, and I’m grateful for those things that make me happy, like Dancing with the Stars and people who make the world a more beautiful place, like The Piano Guys (who, by the way, just posted a new video– go watch it).

New Image: Akinra’s World



So this is that backburner project I’ve been talking about, the one I’ve been working on since before ‘I Call him Fred’

I sort of knew what I was doing when I started Akinra’s World. I knew that it starred Akinra, Dream maker, so I thought I’d stick in a lot of references to dreams that I’ve had. Only when it came down to it, I didn’t remember a lot of my dreams that had something visual to represent them. I had a dream where I slapped a guy I knew from school three times (that was a most satisfying dream), I have dreams where I’m perpertually late for school, a dream where I suddenly found a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes comic books in my locker that I had not read before (I should have put a reference of that in my dream…), and so on.

For whatever reason it seemed like all the dreams I was thinking of that day (and I had a bit of a brain freeze with trying to remember all the dreams that I had remembered) didn’t have a visual. I only managed to stick a few in. The flamingo, for instance, is represent of the dream I had where my house was invaded by flamingo people. The cellist (who’s harder to see, now that everything’s colored) is a reference to the dream I had with the Piano Guys. Have I mentioned this one? I was sitting on the piano bench next to Steve, which was wrong because Steve was the cellist. But he played the piano for me and then gave me a hug. It was a nice dream :). And then I tried to put in a reference to the dream where I was sitting at a table with my friends for church, and then one of the guys from my sunday school class who moved away several years ago arrived, and practically tackled him with a hug. I should have knocked him to the floor. I think he complained that my nails were digging into him. It was interesting, because I woke up wondering ‘why him of all the guys I know? That’s random’ I didn’t know quite how to draw a reference for that though.

A couple of other things, the butterflies actually represent dreams themselves; fast, flighty, and fragile. The spiderwebs have twofold meaning. One is that my sister Lori had a dream where she took a spider web and folded it up. But she had to be careful because there were beads on it. The second meaning is that they represent dreamcatchers. I always thought dreamcatchers were cool, and I think that when I decided that dreams were like butterflies, it clicked that dreamcathers were like spider webs. Now, they say that nightmares get caugt in dream catchers, and the good dreams are allowed through. So, since I created a Dream Maker, I decided that there needed to be a Dream Eater, who would eat all the nightmares. And so I created Arnika, the Dream Eating Spider, who dwelt in Dream Catching spider webs. The beads, obviously, are put in there to please the all mighty Eater of Nightmares.

Anyway, as I started working on the image, it became quickly clear that I really had no idea what I was doing. I knew that the image was to be colorful, that color would make up a lot of the image, and usually once I lay colors down- I get a sense of where the next color will go and how it would look. But I didn’t really predict this. But it seemed to work. Akinra takes the persona of a young girl, innocent, and apparently full of love for flowers and rainbows. But is it all a facade? Are dreams really just nonsense stories created from a child’s imaginiation, or are they works of art of which mankind has the least understanding? Dreams are more than they seem.

It’s the moments

I didn’t get much done yesterday by the way of getting more artwork started or anything. I worked a little bit on the movie Lori and I are making. It’s shaping up so that we have a fairly good idea what the first two minutes will be like! We just need a bit more Lissa footage. I’m betting Lori will be part of the music, for the most part. I’m going to be doing a fair amount of putting the different bits of footage together, and we both come up with ideas and do the filming and such.

Anyway, so I worked a little bit on that, discussed Lori’s story a little bit, and supposedly watched The Princess Bride with Lissa. She wanted to watch a movie because she wasn’t feeling welll and had spent most of the day napping. So we started watching it, and I think Lissa left partway through. Afterwards, my visiting aunt talked about her story ideas. I’m surrounded by them! All these people with story ideas.

But the part of yesterday that I really liked was after a few minutes of laying down in bed, I heard Dad listening to music in the living room that sounded like it was music by The Piano Guys (if you don’t know them, check out their music videos on YouTube, they are AMAZING). But it wasn’t one I had heard before, so I went to the living room and asked if they had made a new music video. Apparently, it was an old one- but I missed it because it wasn’t on The Piano Guys’s channel. So for the next… hour, maybe? I hung out in the living room while Dad pulled up all these other Piano Guys videos. So I went to bed really late, but I don’t think Dad’s going to complain 🙂 It reminded me of the times Dad would sit me down and pull up different Trans Siberian Orchestra music, or the time I needed 80’s music for a History project I did in high school.