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And then there are books

Well, this is my first experience with a paranormal romance and… well, it didn’t exactly exceed expectations.

Actually, I’m not finished with the book, but still I’ve got the feel for it.

I believe there could be a right way to do a paranormal romance. There’s probably one out there I would even like. But… the trick would be finding it. There have been so many since the ‘Twilight era,’ how are you actually going to be able to find the good stuff? Especially when you have to go at it in just the right way for it to be good.

It’s not that I don’t like what I’m reading, it’s just that I have no cause to like it. Especially because character is so important to me as a reader, and I don’t find anything particularly interesting about these characters. Being a witch/vampire/werewolf etc. is not enough to make a person interesting. Just like being an elf/fairy/sorcerer isn’t going to be enough to make you interesting in the fantasy books I read. And the plot/setting isn’t interesting enough to make up for lost ground the characters weren’t able to cover.

So I probably would put it down if it weren’t for the fact that it was homework. I have to read a supernatural or horror book so I can do a book talk on it in my Young Adult Literature class during our group presentation tomorrow. And I’m discussing the issues I have with the book here, because if I discuss them with the wrong person, they can get really defensive. Well, I discuss it with them anyway. But at least here I’m less likely to get that kind of response. I don’t usually get any response. Which is okay too, because then I can still believe that were people who actually read this, there would be somebody who could understand my point of view here. Also somebody who would nod in agreement if I said “I really don’t like vampires.”

I could probably go on a rant about vampires. But what would be the point, you know? Some people like them, some don’t. I don’t.

But I did want to write something here- just to take a break from the reading. Journalling is so therapeutic. I would recommend it to anyone. Except that it’s not for everyone. I wonder what they do when they take a break from homework.