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Brush off the dust

I was a little cranky yesterday. But I found that even while I was feeling discouraged, I couldn’t keep ideas for future art projects from coming to my head. I didn’t want to stop doing artwork. I can’t quit. Even though I don’t always understand why I’m doing this, even though I struggle at times, I can’t bring myself to stop. I may as well keep going full speed ahead, especially since it takes me so long to learn. But I’m thinking that maybe if I do watercolors, those might get done faster than colored pencil, so I can improve more rapidly in that area at least.

Ah yes, along with that image I was rather disappointed with, I posted this on Facebook.



This was a watercolor work I did not long ago. It was inspired by a couple of desktop wallpapers that I have. Remember that I try to find inspiring images, and then I make them into desktop wallpapers, and I set my wallpaper to change every minute or so, in order to receive all the different images I find inspiring, and keep thing going through my head so that I can incorporate them into my artwork. Some images were watercolors that with a really simple sort of backdrop, which seemed to me to create a dreamy sort of atmosphere, a kind of space-less environment. Another image that influenced this work was a screenshot I took of the trailer for Rise of the Guardians, when Sandy is using his sleep dust to form giant golden dinosaurs. It’s nice to have this image, especially since it didn’t take much work or time to do.

I’m going to keep doing artwork. Somehow I’ll find a place for it in this world.

1,000 words

There is a site I visit every once in a while, called authors magazine or something. Anyway, they have a lot of interviews with various authors, which I find interesting. They had a short video with advise from Lisa See, her recommendation for writers is- whether they’ve been writing a long time or for just a week, to write 1,000 words a day for five days in a week. It doesn’t matter if what you’re writing isn’t good, it just needs to get out there. Don’t put writing on hold while you’re waiting for inspiration.

I think my usual reaction would be “easy for you to say.” But I think her advise has merit. I might even give it a shot, now that I have a ‘sort-of idea’ for a story which I’ve been writing. I’ve talked of it before, the plot is almost nonexistent, but it all connects… loosely. I think the important thing is that  I finish, rather than I do a good job. After all, I’m not expecting my work to be any good at this point, I just want it to be done.

And you know, I think that’s a good way to start. I remember when I had to do a watercolor for a collage art class. I was upset with myself, because it didn’t seem any good to me. But thankfully there was an encouraging student teacher. “How many watercolors have you done before?” he asked.

Oh. I hadn’t done a lot. Maybe two works in High School. Of course I wouldn’t be a brilliant water color artist. Likewise, I’m not going to come up with a brilliant story right off the bat, I’ve never done much in the realm of creating stories.

Actually, there are a number of similarities between my experiences with watercolor and writing. Both seemed like daunting tasks. But nevertheless, I’ve dabbed into creative writing. I’ve dabbed into watercolors as well. I intend to work more on the latter when I can. There’s some things I want to try- including further experimentation with salt glazing and layering with colored pencils. As for writing, I hope to find time during the semester for that.


New horizons

Today I spent the morning doing some movie making, trying to put together a funny video. My sister and I tried doing this years ago, it turns out it’s hard to be funny sometimes. But I had an idea, and I decided to see if I could make it. If I get enough ideas like that, maybe I could come up with something.

Besides, I’ve been trying to do all of my computer work while the siblings are at school. My sister uses my laptop a lot to write her story. I figure, I can still do artwork while she’s on my computer. So the things I need my computer for, like movie making, should be done while the kids are at school.

Speaking of artwork, I’ve been looking into ‘negative painting’ a little more. I think I want to try it sometime soon. My goodness, there’s so much to learn. That’s why I’ve recently come to view art as an exploration. In multiple ways. I mean, you’re finding out what you can bring out of yourself, and you are also finding different mediums and techniques with which to express that…. inner-ness.

I hope that eventually all this… exploration and trying to broaden my horizons in the realm of art and otherwise… will lead to something. That I can… do things with what I learn. But that’s what the annoying thing is, you can never tell. People like to think they have their futures planned out, but that rarely does much good- does it? So I have to just learn what I can and have faith that it will all work out. I’ve never been especially good at that, which is why I get anxious and worry that I’m wasting my time and not doing anything that will ultimately be useful.



Watercolors- the history

My parents gave me opaque watercolors yesterday for my birthday, so I can branch out to more than just colored pencils. What do you think guys? Would you like to see some watercolor works? I’ve done a little bit of work with watercolors. In high school, watercolors were my worst nightmare (right after pastels and chalk and… well, actually a lot of things). Then in University when I took a class, what would it cover but shading, perspective, chalk, and watercolor. Nightmares I tell you. But as it turned out, I had something of a better time with the watercolors and I created this wolf.

I was fairly well pleased with it. I hadn’t done anything that accomplished with watercolor. Then when I got home, I tried to recreate the image on my wolf T-shirt. But it was difficult, particularly with the dark wolf, and I decided that fur textures were hard to do with watercolor. So the incomplete image was shoved onto the backburner for months. Then I took it out and wondered what would happen if I finished it up with colored pencils. Detail was easier to accomplish with colored pencil, and it would be opaque. This was the result. Or at least, kind of what the result was- I’ve experimented with some editing on this image.

With that image, I considered the watercolor- colored pencil experiement a sucess. The watercolor was nice, because I could do bigger images. Paint covers more ground quicker than colored pencil. So this last year I created this image- one of the few bits of artwork I was able to do during the school year. I had a craving to do a fox. Sometimes artists experience strange cravings. It turns out that it was a good thing I did it, because one day Dad called me and asked for some artwork that we could have made into a T-shirt for my brother Ben (who is in California, serving a mission). Not a lot of my other images are particularly masculine, but I thought this could work.


Yes, my brother has a smile that looks more like a grimice. I shouldn’t be surprised if he scares people. But he’s really a nice guy.