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New Image: Torrent

I’m finally done with the thing. I finished it, and then I wasn’t happy with it, but now it’s just a thing in the past and nothing to get excited about. Art is interesting that way.



I tried to make her look angry. My sister said she looked more frightened than angry, but I got a comment from somebody else that says she looks angry. HAH! But then I guess it really doesn’t matter. Frightened or angry, the point is that there is turbulence. I think I succeeded on that point. The picture is a bit chaotic. It fits, my emotions were going a little bit wonky during the making of the image. I had the hardest time convincing myself to work on it, and motivation is usually my strong point. But it’s done now. And now that I’ve gotten some sleep I’ve decided it doesn’t look horrible after all.


I’m moving right along to the next image. I’ve already got some concept sketches that I can work on, something I drew before I worked on Torrent. But it’s not very exciting, and I wonder if I could do more for it. Torrent was meant to play to my strengths, like color blending. But this image is rather looking to be a challenge, but if I do it right it’ll look great and it will be fun to do.



Okay, some time has past and I’ve decided that I do actually kind of like Torrent.  Certainly it creates a bigger impact than a lot of my other images this year. I’ve also done some work on my latest image, which I’m entitling “Masquerade.” I’m actually pretty excited about it. If only I manage to do it right! It’ll be fun to do, and have lots of easter eggs for me. It’s too lovely. It looks like all that brainstorming I did last night while I couldn’t sleep because we had relatives over so people stayed up later than usual was worth it. The concept sketch needs a little more work, but first I have to take a break and clear my head (it’s been a while since I’ve gotten this eager about my artwork, and I’m worried about what the side effects will be). I intend to deliberately distract myself so that it’ll be easier to engage in the free-thinking frame of mind that got me to where I am with this image now.

Fairy Tales

I’ve decided I really like Mirror Mirror. I always love a good fairy tale, and when they are kept lighthearted and fun, that’s all the better. Besides that eye candy of a prince with a really nice, low voice, and of course all of the dwarves. I love listening to them bicker, especially around the dinner table. We sort of have dinner together as a family in my home, but we tend to be much more relaxed and spread out. But hey, if we catch on to the right topic, we’ll be going on for a while.

But that’s off topic. The point is that I like the movie. I think I can safely say it is my favorite production of Snow White (I have not seen Snow White and the Huntsman). And now what I really want is more fairy tale movies. I may just be minorly obsessed. I would very much like to come up with my own fairy tales, so that it wouldn’t matter if there weren’t any other fairy tale movies for me to watch. Maybe I could write one some day. I do not, as of yet, possess much talent in the realm of writing (it’s difficult to practice when you also possess little talent in the realm of ‘coming up with story ideas’). But I love stories and characters. They make me happy. And it would be great if I could get to the point where I could, at least, write a few little fairy tale shortstories or something. They wouldn’t have to be long, just… fun. Cute. Interesting. You know, like my art is sometimes cute or interesting.

I really have been working on my images, I promise. The thing is, I was getting tired of Wisp’s picture. Sometimes it seems like the longer I work on an image, the less I like it (remember the image with Bree? I liked that one. It didn’t take me long to do). So I switched to my backburner project with Akinra and I’m not sure whether or not I like it. I’m not even sure I want to post it on Facebook when I’m done. I probably will end up doing it I suppose. But I do have those two images that I’m working on. And I’d like to finish one of them so I can start a completely new one, hopefully one that I will actually like. In the meantime, I get the feeling I’ll be doing a ‘backburner shuffle’ with these two images. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just work on one, straightforward image?

Unusual solution- Wisp

Well, I finally got an image drawn out. But it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. It’s not quite a ‘fairy circle’ sort of thing anymore, though the idea still lingers. But this image does sort of help do something I’ve been trying to do- that is, show Wisp loosening up a little bit. In the past images with her, she is acting more the part of a gentle breeze. She is peaceful, sedate. And where we’ve seen her, her eyes have been closed and her hair tied back. In this image, she is more alert, her hair is loose. Letting her hair loose must be significant, because it seems to unleash a bunch of wispy little minions, which are racing off. Wisp herself isn’t moving. Perhaps she is gathering strength. Though really, I have no idea what this is going to end up looking like.

Autumn Wind

See, what I really would like to do is draw Wisp as an all out torrent. She’s typically a gentle breeze, because that’s what I think of when I think of the wind- that really nice wind that I get on the bike path and enjoy so much. A wisp of wind. But of course, when wind gathers speed, it can become quite powerful. We get a pretty good bit of wind on campus at BYU-I. Most people don’t like it, but I relish in it. And I think Wisp likes to really let loose sometimes, and toss some ships upon the sea or tear down trees or create tornados. I can picture her right now, laughing manicaly in the midst of a stormy sea.

But I haven’t quite figured out how to get an image like that. It would take some practice to get the right emotion, and to figure out what she would look like. Loose hair, wild eyes, but how do you shape someone when they’re practically a tornado, in a way that is visually striking?

So this image, which kind of came about by accident and wasn’t really planned at all, I think it will be the ‘calm before the storm,’ where Wisp has let her hair down, and watches as her little minion’s escape and help her gather strength for the Grand Event (the aforesaid laughing manically in the midst of a stormy sea, tossing ships around.). But who would guess with such an innocent face as hers?

If Wisp trapped in a human body, I imagine she would be the sort of child who liked to run around all day and never ran out of energy. Perhaps she wouldn’t talk so much as she would sing, hum, moan, sigh, and  whistle. She would enjoy dancing, climbing trees, playing with people’s hair, and jumping in the autumn leaves. Her primary love langauge would be ‘physical touch,’ so she’d be really happy if you gave her hugs. She would probably climb on your lap and kiss your cheek if you let her. Then she would play with your hair. Her own would be wild from all of her gallavanting. Yet she is graceful. She might slow down, but she won’t sit still voluntarily. And something less obvious about her, she is a bit of a pyromaniac.

New Image: Autumn Wind


This was just a quick one I managed to complete in, what? Two, three days? As I said, this sort of concept is easy for me to work with- although I don’t think the leaves accomplished quite what I wanted them to. I just really liked the idea of the wind getting leaves caught in her hair as she blew through the trees. She’s a wild one. But hopefully she looks like she maintains a certain amount of dignity.  I like the strong colors in this image, I think it makes a nice visual impact. It’s also a bit nice after the softer images I’ve done.

Oh I love autumn. I love wind. And a bunch of other things, but those would be irrelevant to this post.

Anyway, this is what I was busy with this morning. Along with fullfilling my dad’s request that I make puffy molassas cookies, my grandpa’s recipe. I love them. They’re more like little cakes than cookies. Hopefully they turned out okay. But even if they didn’t, at least the kitchen smells like cookies, with just a hint of that molassas smell. Dad used to make cookies and cakes from scratch with us when we were kids, and he’d hand the spices to us and say ‘Smell this, that’s cloves,’ and that sort of thing. They were good times.