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Concerning Fairy Godfathers

Being your own cheerleader isn’t easy. But I managed to use the guilty conscience trick to get some work done yesterday. As for how the image looks… I can’t really say as of yet. I’m trying something different, and I really don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

I actually took a break from art yesterday to indulge in a little writing. The first thing I played with was the idea of doing A Christmas Carol, starring Wyvren. I mentioned him briefly before, he’s the older brother of Drako and Kimodo- and he’s the Evil Overlord. He conquered the world when he was 15 and is still ruling now, four years later. Anyway, he would be my Scrooge. I’m still not quite sure how I would go about creating a story like that, but then- it’s a comic. I never once in my comic cared about making sense or anything, which is probably the only reason why I have gotten as far as I have in it.

The other thing I toyed with was an idea I cam up with while watching Gargoyles. See, Puck is punished by Oberon, so that he can’t use magic unless it is for the protecting or teaching of Alexander. So it occured to me, Alexander has a Fairy Godfather. Of course. It makes perfect sense; Fairy Godparents exist as a form of punishment for naughty fairies. So I wanted to play with that idea. But the problem is need a story to play with it in. Best case sceanario, for me, would be to create a grandscale fairy tale world, with all of the old favorites. And Murdock (the Fairy Godfather I created for the purpose of enslaving to some fortunate fairy tale princess) would be mixed in amoung Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jack the Giant Killer, and others.

But of course… I don’t exactly know how to do that. So I just played with it a bit. *Sigh* I could play with it some more, on the assumption that I will get better at creating stories if I practiced. It’s just… harder to feel like you are getting work done when you are still only able to play around with ideas.